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From: Schang0Sep-9 9:49 PM 
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The inconvenient truth about Quebec's secularism law Trudeau doesn't want to face: it's popular

"Unthinkable." That's how Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reacted when Quebec tabled a law that would ban religious symbols and clothing for its teachers, judges, police officers and other public sector workers. He pledged to "defend the rights of Canadians" against the proposed ban. His minister of justice repeatedly called the bill "unacceptable" and alluded to "next steps" once it became law.

One should not doubt Trudeau's inherent repulsion for the Quebec law and everything it embodies. This is the man who heralded a woman's right to wear a niqab -- the starkest symbol of oppression of women -- to a citizenship ceremony at which she would pledge to adhere to a Constitution that specifically defends gender equality. Trudeau the father only paid lip service to multiculturalism and the veneration of differences. Trudeau the son embodies it in his bones. It is certain that, if re-elected, he will act. How? More on this later.

CBC September 9, 2019


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From: Schang0Sep-9 10:17 PM 
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Unreasonable Middle Eastern people migrant to Western countries because they flee prosecution of their own rival tribe, but feel compelled to change the rules to fit their own oppressive agenda, and thus violating their own rights.

This is illogical!!


From: Lathyrus (PeePhobia)Sep-10 1:11 AM 
To: Schang0  (3 of 21) 
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Watch out she will ask for reparation fees....


From: C J (CardJoker)Sep-10 11:07 AM 
To: Schang0  (4 of 21) 
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Watch out of the revengeful mentality if this women can get what she wants, we have children getting brainwashed!!! 


From: GonghisKhanSep-10 2:57 PM 
To: Schang0  (5 of 21) 
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Trudeau utters about what could be next if that ban remains?

Canadians should be saying if you keep letting radical migrants in with their radical ways what is next?

You must remember they left their countries because of better ways of living with rights not women's oppression.

One flag for all in one great country. v


From: Plump (Fat_Bunny)Sep-10 10:59 PM 
To: Schang0  (6 of 21) 
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People that.can't obey laws should be fined!!!


From: WabbeetSep-11 6:57 AM 
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This has to work out equally  for everyone! !!


From: Debb-Ca (canadianaca)Sep-11 10:59 AM 
To: Schang0  (8 of 21) 
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Any type of head/face covering by any religious faction should be forbidden in all conditions, such as ID pictures reasons, courtroom issues, pledging allegiance to Canada during Citizenship ceremonies and anything that can affect our National Security. .. no face or head covering!!

Canadian government business, for security reasons, all types of religious cover ups should not be worn.

Canada is a country based on a Western culture. Foreigners seeking to move to Canada know completely well what Canada is about but still they come and refuse to integrate into Western society. What religion or worship they have and in their culture community gatherings be their own affair but once they step outside of that district, then they are a Canadian, basically easy.



From: BarthaSSep-12 10:26 PM 
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One you set a law for one religion it must be specifically  for everyone 


From: IDI3Sep-15 12:51 PM 
To: Schang0  (10 of 21) 
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This is more of how Trudeau wants to shape Canada into a backwarded country!


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