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From: Suzie (TNSuzie) DelphiPlus Member Icon11/19/08 12:50 AM 
To: saraanna2  (26 of 39) 
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Possible motive in UNCC student's death?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Six months after her death, the NewsChannel 36 I-Team has uncovered what could be a motive in the killing of a UNC-Charlotte student.

Irina Yarmolenko loved music, the outdoors and people. For some, old images of the 20-year-old are hard to see.

 "It just makes you remember," said her drama teacher. "She was like a little piece of sunshine."

"If you had met her you would instantly fall in love with her," said her roommate and best friend. "She saw the best in everybody."

Yarmolenko's roommate wonders if that is what got her killed.

"Someone could have been infatuated."

So, too, does Yarmolenko's older brother, Pavel.

"She was just beautiful," Pavel Yarmolenko said.

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From: Suzie (TNSuzie) DelphiPlus Member Icon11/23/08 5:36 PM 
To: astrallady DelphiPlus Member Icon  (27 of 39) 
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Unsolved murder haunts holiday season

Ira Yarmolenko's murder haunts her family so much that even the sight of children dressed in ghostly or gruesome costumes at Halloween touched a nerve, said her brother Pavel Yarmolenko.

"There were kids knocking on the door and we didn't even have candy to give them. We just locked the door and turned off the lights," he said. "It became a strange holiday for us - all of the scary stuff; people in skeleton costumes walking around."

With Thanksgiving approaching, the Yarmolenko family will gather for a meal, but for the first time in two decades Ira Yarmolenko won't be at the table. The 20-year-old UNC Charlotte student was found murdered on the banks of the Catawba River in Mount Holly on May 5.

Her killer has not been identified, but Mount Holly Police detectives are still working every angle and every lead they can find, Pavel Yarmolenko said.

"When you talk to detectives, you can hear in their voices how much they care about this case," Pavel Yarmolenko said.


More at Link...


From: saraanna211/23/08 5:53 PM 
To: Suzie (TNSuzie) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (28 of 39) 
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This is just amazing to me - the timing - from UNC Charlotte to that area of Mount Holly could take 50 minutes or so....you'd have to go through Mt. Holly and then down to the river area.  I thought this case would be solved quickly and it would be someone who she knew.  Evidently, not.  I am glad LE is still seriously looking for the person who did this.  Those folks must have come upon the car right afterwards. 


From: saraanna211/25/08 6:48 PM 
To: Suzie (TNSuzie) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (29 of 39) 
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Ira was seen on video at the State Employees Credit Union just off the UNCC campus at 10:18 a.m. on May 5. Fifteen minutes later surveillance cameras captured her dropping off clothes at a nearby Goodwill.

And 15 minutes after that, former coworkers say she dropped off a gift for them at Jackson's Java -- the coffee shop where she had worked. She left there around 11:00 a.m.

"Somewhere around that area is where I think the abduction happened," Pavel Yarmolenko said.

Police don't know how she ended up 30 minutes away in a remote area of Mount Holly, behind the YMCA and a new housing development.

But investigators do acknowledge someone was in the driver's seat of her blue Saturn when it was sent rolling towards the Catawba River. She was found asphyxiated, lying next to the car.

Wow, the timing on this is amazing.  It takes at least 30 minutes to get to Mt. Holly - depending on traffic...and then into the development and to the river!  Her body was found so quickly by someone boating.  How did the killer then get out of that area?  He had to walk out of the development!  Wouldn't you think someone would have noticed?  I think Irina's brother was right - the abduction must have happened right after she left the coffee shop. 


From: saraanna212/14/08 9:13 PM 
To: Suzie (TNSuzie) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (30 of 39) 
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Suzie - now I'm confused....the suspects are from the area in which Irina was found.  Claim to have been fishing nearby.  Another article (I can't find now) the suspects "heard" the jet skiers shouting for help when they found Irina's body.  It's so frustrating, sounds as though she was found almost as soon as she was killed. 


Suspects In UNC Charlotte Murder Speak Out
Friday, December 12, 2008 – updated: 7:26 am EST December 14, 2008

MOUNT HOLLY, N.C. -- Investigators continued gathering evidence Friday into the death of a college student from Charlotte hours after Mount Holly police charged two cousins with her murder. Police arrested Neal Leon Cassada Jr., 54, and Mark Bradley Carver, 40, earlier in the day.

Employees at Jackson's Java Coffeehouse where the victim, Irini Yarmolenko, worked said officers came back out to ask more questions.

Fellow students on campus at UNC Charlotte said Friday night that the arrests were a positive step. "I think everyone will be pleased and kind of relaxed a little bit," sophomore Jennifer Peterson said, "and happy for the family."

Other students used Facebook to express their feelings. In two groups dedicated to Yarmolenko, students wrote things like "Thank God" and "Finally" when referring to the arrests.

Jet skiers found Yarmolenko’s body lying next to her car on the banks of the Catawba River on May 5. Police said it appears her Saturn sedan was driven down a steep embankment behind the YMCA on Caldwell Drive and into a tree stump at the water’s edge. Her body was then placed by the driver’s side door.

Yarmolenko, who had left campus just a few hours earlier, was strangled to death. Detectives do not believe she was randomly targeted.

Although investigators would not discuss details of the case against the suspects, reporters were let into the jail Friday afternoon to speak with Carver, who shed some light on the situation.

Carver became teary-eyed as he talked about the arrests. He said on May 5, he and his cousin, Cassada, were fishing along the Catawba River when they heard a scraping noise. He said they didn’t think much of it, but a short time later, officers approached them, said they were investigating a death and told them not to move.

Carver said he and his cousin were interviewed two or three times each after Yarmolenko’s body was found. He said police asked to swab their cheeks for a DNA sample, and they were eager to comply, thinking the sample would clear their names.

However, Carver said, police told the suspects they had found their DNA all over the scene, including in Yarmolenko’s car. He said police wouldn't say what kind of DNA they found or where it was in the car.

Carver maintains he had never seen Yarmolenko before and said he doesn’t even know how to pronounce her name. He said he feels sorry for her family, but he is not responsible.

“I don't know why (police) haven't looked for somebody else, cause I ain't the one that done it,” he said.

Carver said while fishing his cousin left him for a short time, but he does not believe Cassada could kill anyone.

Neither does Cassada’s neighbor Charlie Gunn.

“I'm amazed. I'm absolutely amazed,” he told Eyewitness News. “In fact, he is one of the nicest neighbors in the whole neighborhood.”

The Mount Holly police chief said the department is not releasing much information because police still have a lot of work to do in the investigation. However, police said they have consulted the district attorney and they have probable cause to charge the two men with murder. The district attorney said he will not seek the death penalty.

Yarmolenko’s brother, Pavel Yarmolenko, spoke at Monday’s police press conference and said news of the arrests is bittersweet.

Myself and my family also will carry this with us until the day we die. That element is never going to be gone,” he said. “There is definitely a sense of relief but I’m sort of confused about how I actually feel about all this right now.”

He said there are still a lot of questions to be answered.

Cassada and Carver are being held without bond. Saturday, Cassada's wife spoke to Eyewitness News on the telephone.

Leslie Cassada said her family is distraught right now and does not believe Neal Cassada is guilty.

She said she spoke to her husband Friday night, and said he told her he doesn’t feel worried about the charges, because he said he is innocent. Leslie Cassada also said her heart goes out to Ira Yarmolenko’s family for its loss, but she believes the real killer is still on the loose.

Investigators Search For Evidence; UNC Charlotte Students Relieved Suspected Killers Are In Jail

Investigators continued gathering evidence Friday into the death of a college student from Charlotte hours after Mount Holly police charged two cousins with her murder.

Employees at Jackson's Java Coffeehouse, where Irini Yarmolenko worked, said officers came back out to ask more questions.

Fellow students on campus said Friday night that the arrests were a positive step. "I think everyone will be pleased and kind of relaxed a little bit," sophomore Jennifer Peterson said, "and happy for the family."

Other students used Facebook to express their feelings. In two groups dedicated to Yarmolenko, students wrote things like "Thank God" and "Finally" when referring to the arrests.

Cassada's wife, Leslie, said she spoke to her husband in jail, and said he wasn't worried because "he knows he's innocent."

Other family members even said they sent Cassada a lawyer, but he refused.

Friends of Yarmolenko were surprised by the arrests.

"I just hope that this is the right thing and that this can come to an end," Ashley Stacey said. "(i hope) they found the right guys and that the family can be at peace with it."

Video: Cousins Charged In UNCC Student's Death

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From: Suzie (TNSuzie) DelphiPlus Member Icon12/17/08 4:19 AM 
To: saraanna2  (31 of 39) 
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Suspects surprise many in court

 December 16, 2008

GASTONIA, N.C. -- A Gaston County grand jury is deliberating whether to indict two men charged with murdering UNCC student Ira Yarmolenko. But it was what happened at the suspects’ first appearance in district court Monday that caught many by surprise.

First in the courtroom was 54-year-old Neal Cassada,Jr.

Clearly agitated and described as mentally unstable, Cassada had gone without his prescribed medications since his arrest three days ago.

Family members yelled out words of support as he walked by them.

"We love you Daddy! We love you Daddy!" screamed his adult daughters.

While Judge Hoyle ordered bailiffs to get control of the court, Cassada seemed oblivious to all that was going on around him.

He babbled throughout the proceedings and never seemed to acknowledge if he understood what was happening.

Cassada is accused of murdering UNCC student Ira Yarmoleno last May along with his 40-year-old cousin Mark Carver.

In court Monday, the D.A. described Carver as a schizophrenic. But unlike his alleged co-conspirator, Carver stood quietly, speaking softly when answering the judge. He asked for a court appointed attorney and offered just a few words before his left the courtroom.

"We didn't do it. I'm telling the God's honest truth,” he said.

Carver is being held under a million dollars secured bond while Cassada is being held without bond.

Jail officials have been ordered to make sure both men receive their prescribed medications.

Meantime, prosecutors announced that they won’t seek the death penalty in the case.


From: saraanna212/17/08 8:51 AM 
To: Suzie (TNSuzie) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (32 of 39) 
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Can you believe this story?  How on earth did this young girl cross paths with these two?

From: Suzie (TNSuzie) DelphiPlus Member Icon2/3/09 12:15 AM 
To: saraanna2  (33 of 39) 
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Investigators: DNA on car matches Yarmolenko murder suspects

GASTONIA, N.C. -- The two men accused of killing UNC-Charlotte student Irina Yarmolenko appeared in court on Monday.

During the bond hearing, investigators from the State Bureau of Investigation said they collected DNA from the window of Yarmolenko's car, which matched both suspects, Mark Carver and Neal Cassada.

Investigators also said that Yarmolenko drove herself to the Catawba River to take photographs for a class project. Her body was found lying next to her car in a remote area along the river in May 2008.

Carver and Cassada were arrested in December. After the arrests, Carver spoke to the media from behind bars. He said that he and Cassada were simply in the area fishing and had nothing to do with Yarmolenko's death.


More at Link..


From: saraanna22/3/09 7:37 AM 
To: Suzie (TNSuzie) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (34 of 39) 
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Finally, the reason she was there at the river.   Bless her.

From: astrallady DelphiPlus Member Icon2/3/09 1:33 PM 
To: Suzie (TNSuzie) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (35 of 39) 
 4459.35 in reply to 4459.33 
Yes! Justice. I bet these two still say they have nothing to do with it. I am so glad DNA matched them.



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