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Bipolar? Stay Away From Cannabis....

Cannabis. People say it calms them down, helps them sleep and soothes their pain, both emotional and physical. Well, so does the glass of wine I drink each night, the meditation I teach, my neighbor’s cigarettes and my friend’s kitten.

Cannabis and products derived from it, like CBD, have a strong political constituency. There are moves to make it legal with few restrictions in most states (10 have already legalized cannabis for recreational use). An awful lot of people think it’s safe to use and efficacious in treating any number of medical conditions.

The only reasonable response to these claims is “who knows?” There are no FDA approved indications for medical marijuana.

What is researched and peer reviewed is that cannabis use is very dangerous for people with bipolar disorder.

In studies researchers have found that people with bipolar disorder who use cannabis have more manic episodes, more mixed episodes and less compliance with prescribed treatment.

Quality of life on almost all measures is lower, with fewer cannabis users with bipolar disorder holding jobs and living in a relationship.

Cannabis is a psychoactive drug, and some people who use it have psychotic episodes like hallucinations or debilitating paranoia. Of those who have had such episodes, 47% develop bipolar disorder or schizophrenia over the next 4 years.

CBD oil, or cannabidiol, doesn’t fare much better. While there’s no evidence it causes bipolar disorder or increases or aggravates episodes of mania, there’s absolutely no peer reviewed research that it helps, either.

Snake oil salesmen have been colorful characters in our myths and history. Add to their ranks the people at your local dispensary and the people pushing CBD.

Don’t try to tell any of this to anyone lobbying for the greater use of cannabis. Few substances are so loaded with so many positive claims backed up by so little conclusive research. When you buy it, even legally, you can’t be sure exactly what you’re getting, how much of it you should use, or what it will do to or for you.

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