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Dancing Shadows (Freeform Roleplaying)

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Free Form Roleplaying setting. Please check the rules before playing.

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This is a Free Form Role-playing setting. Please look over the FAQ below before playing.

Before you sits a small cluster of homes and businesses strung along a crossroads deep in the center of a dense pine forest. The inn looks welcoming, the glow of lights from its windows a relief from the eternal shadows cast by the massive trees that tower over the community.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What is freeform roleplaying?

A: "Freeform roleplaying games, also called freeforms, are a type of roleplaying game which employ minimal or no rules; occupying a middle-ground between traditional role-playing games and improvisational theatre. In free-form games, control of direction and plot is moved away from the Game Master (GM) and placed into the other players' hands. (from

Q: Sweet! This means I can be anything and do anything?

A: Yes, and no. You can create any character you like so long as it conforms with the setting of the game. You can also do anything you want, so long as you don't violate the rules of the house. More on those later.

Q: What is the setting?

A: Dancing Shadows is high fantasy based upon a location in a fictionalized Germanic setting. No 'modern' tech will work here. Basically (tech-wise) if it wasn't available back in the Renaissance period, it isn't available in this game.

Q: But magic works?

A: Yes, so long as it conforms within the rules of the game.

Q: What game system is being used?

A: All and none. Feel free to use anything as your character's basis from solely your imagination to GURPS to White Wolf to D&D. Just bear in mind the character must operate within the rules below.

(This FAQ will be expanded as needed, so check back every now and again)

That said, here are the rules. There aren't many, but they will be enforced.

  • While character bios aren't required (we'd really rather learn of your character in-game rather than out) you may be requested to post one if it just seems overpowered, strange, or not-fitting to the theme of the setting.
  • Consider this place to be the equivalent of something rated PG-13.  This means while language will be tolerated, there will be limits.  It also means no brazenly explicit deeds where everyone can see it.  This is a gray area, so just watch what you do and knock it off if a moderator steps in and tells you to chill.
  • What happens in this forum stays in this forum.  Basically this means that while you may play the same character elsewhere, for all intents and purposes a character here is unique to here.  No 'importing' abilities or items gained somewhere else to a character here.
  • No power-gaming. This basically means don't bring in overly powerful characters. Exceptions will exist, and players may get stronger as time passes through role-playing, but all 'new' characters should try to keep things low key. This makes things easier on everyone involved.
  • Try to refrain from playing multiple characters at once. This only causes massive amounts of confusion unless you really know what you are doing. If you want to bring a new character 'in' to play, swap your old character 'out'.
  • No destroying the place. As tempting as it may be to burn the place down or start smashing things, don't. Consider the various 'areas' to be indestructible. This may seem like an odd rule, but trust me from experience - its needed. An exception is to the typical 'bar fight' type situations where furniture and windows may get busted up, since its not really very realistic NOT to be able to go through a window in a dramatic Hollywood style spray of glass.
  • Listen to the moderators. Their word is law. Failure to do so may result in your being kicked, suspended, or possibly banned from the forum entirely.
  • We don't care who you are having issues with outside of the game.  Don't drag outside drama in here.

That's it! Welcome to the game and please try to have fun!