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Sam Mendes directs George Mckay and Dean Charles Chapman in the true story of two soliders given a mission to deliver a message to troops in the frontline in the first world war.

Will Schofield and Tom Black are sent on a mission to deliver a message whch could stop a suicidal attack by troops involving one of their brothers. Along the way they rescue a pilot from an airplane. When the pilot fatallhy injures Bake, his friend must continue on his own. Can he reach the frontline in time to stop the attack ?

The two lads are brilliant. Because it's mostly about the two of them the film is more about characters than big battles. If you're a fan of war films or a fan of Sam Mendes of course you're going to go and see it. If you're expecting another Saving Private Ryan you might be disappointed. If you like your war films to be more about the characters it might be the film for you. It's brilliant