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Fast Action Card (FAC) deck??   Discussions

Started Oct-24 by curtalva; 2889 views.

From: fuzzy522


If it Ain't really broke Don't fix it. Fuzzy522

Here's a prototype.  Let me know what you think.  I'm thinking 180 cards if I do it.  You have a lucky number from 1-10 for the game, let's say 7, and then the random numbers at the top use column 7 and 8 to read the red and white die.  Then column 8's 2nd row is your D20.  That's just one of many ways you could do it.


From: dadoffive01


Very cool Greg, I love it!  I'm just wondering, why not just put random 2D6 totals and random 1D20 total above all the baserunner info that fills in along  the bottom 1/2 of the FDC?   Wouldn't that be easier on both you as the creator and us the gamers as far as quickness?  But then again, what do I know? This may be a dumb question by me and it wouldn't be the 1st!


This allows for more random permutations.  You could go instead of consecutive columns left to right, you could go skip a column, you could read backwards, all sorts of dumb stuff like that.


From: curtalva


So one FAC can resolve base runner  advancement for Outs, Base Hits, as well as 51 chart, 52 chart, 53 chart, and 54. Correct? 

Looks like I still need to figure out the part at top with the numbers/rolls. Ha ha.

I believe this will be very beneficial to the gamer in quickly resolving base runner advancement on out and hits as well as 51 52 53 and 54 charts without even going to HR. Just flip a FAC. Really like the design to complement the player cards. I'm in!!

First of all, you have to like FACs.  I'm not a big fan of them.  But, many of you are.

Yes, one card will usually resolve a play.  For example, let's say you're reading columns 7 and 8 for the D6's, and column 8 for the D20's.

Let's look at the attached FAC on this message.

Col. 7  has a 3.

Col. 8 has a 4.

Dice roll 34.  Batter card blank.  Pitcher card says OUT.

Using same FAC the OUT is a GO P.

Let's say there's runners on 1st and 2nd with 1 out.  Using the same FAC it reads "advance if wd1 / fc at 2nd 1-6"

Well, the wd (white die) is not so the runners do not advance just like that. (The white die on dice roll 34 is 4).

So, there's a fielder's choice (fc) at 2nd base, score if 1-6 (pitcher to SS).

With 2 out the defense would normally make the out at 1st base, and that's up to the gamer to make that decision.


From: dadoffive01


 LOL! I see where you are coming from and it makes sense and also sounds tremendous! I for one would absolutely purchase Fall Classic FAC's!



From: curtalva


Greg, you are amazing how you are able to put so much depth into small places and make it so simple to use. I didn't realize the FACs would handle the dice roll too. I typically like to use dice for the roll on the cards but there are times when using the FAC deck for the dice rolls would be great too. I really like the content and layout. Nice work as usual.


From: JoeRunde


FWIW, I am with you on FACs. I love the fact that the possible dice results aren't changed by the previous play. For baseball, especially, this randomness adds character. FACs can work fine in basketball, but in baseball, I don't want the likelihood of a sacrifice fly ball being diminished because the last three out results were fly balls. But that's just me.


From: deacon141


I love these and would absolutely buy a printed set.