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New FAC PDF   Announcements

Started 11/1/17 by Windsor Greg (thomvan); 1219 views.

Well, here's the first try for the Fall Classic Baseball FACs.

Look them over and if you see any typos please let me know.  Feel free to print them out and use them at your leisure.  I will make changes as you report them.

When they are all set and ready to go I will offer them FREE on these boards as a PDF.  However, I might also be willing to print them out for you and get them professionally cut on a high quality slippery card stock, certainly not as good as Bicycle Playing Cards, but good enough to use on a long term basis.

There are 180 cards.  You don't need to use dice as the top 2 rows are random numbers of D6's and D20's.  There are a number of ways you could use them, but I would suggest the following:

- pick a random number from 1-10 and use that as the Primary Column for the game

- then decide if you D6's are going to be consecutive columns like 7,8 or skip a column like 7,9

- then decide if your D20's are going to fall under the first D6, before the first D6, under the 2nd D6, after the 2nd D6, whatever

Note that column 1 and 11 are the same, so that if your Primary Column is 10 you don't have to have your eye race back to column 1 to read the next digit of the sequence.  Just read column 10,11 and it's like reading column 10,1.

I may publish additional sets.  Each set will have a different set of random numbers at the top, and the sequencinig of the green 51-53 Defense columns would be different as well.

Also, if you get a 51-53 roll ... er, read ... and the D20 does not result in a strikeout, you may want to flip to the next FAC to do the defense check and call out a column to check as you flip it over.  So, if your Primary Column is 7, when you call the Defense FAC you can call out any column number for the next D20.  Just a thought.


From: curtalva


Sounds good. Looking forward to printed options as this evolves.

Since no one has play tested this I guess it's good to go?  Or should I leave it for a week or two?

Who is ready to buy it right now as it stands without any further changes to the structure?


From: curtalva


Hey Greg,

I have used them for a couple games now. I may need you to confirm my experience. I'm trying to remember here at work ...... 

- when I get an "out f" result from pitcher's card I felt like I had to go to the chart to see the flyout 8 result

hmmm..... thought I found myself going to the charts a couple other times but not sure exactly why (and can't remember).

I do remember thinking I wish I had a printed version! :)

I would be interested in obtaining a printed version whenever you offer them. Are the FACs the same size as the player cards when printed or smaller?



From: curtalva


I wonder if you could include in the FAC deck a card/s that would contain commonly referenced items like "Run with Risk" roll numbers and ...... what else?  Well, anything that you may commonly reference on the Hits or Outs chart that are not able to be captured on a FAC. Just a thought.

They are the same size.

You still have to know the boards enough to remember the OUT f and OUT g ... and a couple other things here and there, but for the most part they are taken right from the boards.

So, I guess the FAC's and not totally independent, and that you need the charts handy just in case.

You could just have the EASY Runner Advance Chart handy.



From: deacon141


Yes! Yes! Yes!

It may come from almost thirty years of playing Statis Pro but tonight was the best game of Fall Classic (or any of your games) I have ever played....

To be able to flip FACS and use your brilliant game felt like I have been playing the game my whole life and it flowed so perfectly.

Thank you!!

Life will continue to get in the way of playing the amount I want but this was it, the final straw in making me a Fall Classic fan for life!!!


Here's the final design for the FAC cards.  After listening to your comments I decided to:

1. add a 3rd line of Random numbers at the top called D36, which is from 11-66.  On 180 cards there are 1,980 of these.

2. I have color coded for easier referencing, so instead of saying the key column is 7 you can instead say the 2nd green column, and when column skipping you can say green-blue, or green-yellow, or green-white, or whatever

3. column 11 is now random like the rest, and not a repeat of column 1


Each new set produced will have:

1. a new set of random numbers

2. the 51-53's resorted into another random batch


They are going to the printer tomorrow and will be mailed out next week.  Thanks for your patience.

If these interest you they are not being sold at ASG yet.  I am distributing them on a nice glossy and slippery card stock, professionally cut.  $15 for one set of 180 cards, and $8 for each additional set I stuff into the USPS Priority Post folder.

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