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1973 ?   Discussions

Started 11/2/17 by apba66nyslp; 4608 views.

From: apba66nyslp


No Maas or should I say Dumb Maas. The Stampeders are in it to win it!

Randy C. " you know no one knows what we are talking about"

Windsor Greg (thomvan)

From: Windsor Greg (thomvan)


Being a Stamp Man myself, WTF was that decision to kick a FG.  I know it's only 2 downs to get the ball back, but you have to go 70 yards.  The excuse to win it instead of tie?  Is there not a 2 point conversion in the Canadian game?


From: apba66nyslp


There is a two-point extra point. I think Maas was asleep at the switch. If he didn't make it he had the Stamps deep in their zone. He just plain screwed up. Go Stamps!

Randy C.


From: dadoffive01


George I hope you are doing okay and just wanted to say I love reading your posts, I like you, also love the the change of season and the cooler/cold temps! In fact I PREFER the fall and winter over the blasted hot and humid summer which leads everyone to think I'm the one that's nuts! Little do they know.....

Anyway I love that you were listening to King Crimson!!! They are w/out doubt one of my top 5 bands of all-time, along with YES, GENESIS,TULL& GENTLE GIANT! I must tell you that Crimson was here in Rochester in July for our  International JAZZ-FEST. They played at the Eastman Theatre which is as beautiful and acoustically amazing as it gets. I couldn't afford tix, but my sweet sister (who spoils me rotten even now that I'm 55) got me 2 for my birthday!

I took our 25 year old son Nick ( our 23 year old son Jack wouldn't appreciate it). My sister bought V.I.P. seats which menat we could sit anywhere we wanted too after the row of chairs saved for the really rich V.I.P. folks. So my son and I got there early and were close to the 1st ones in, We had front row slightly to the left of center stage!! These were the best seats I've ever had in my 40 years of concert going! George, I'm telling ya, I know this may sound too easy to say, or maybe fabricated a bit, but this was undeniably one of the top 3 show I have EVER seen!  They had 3 drummers! The 3 were positioned in the very front with Fripp in the back on his stool (of course) and Tony Levin (Eastman School Of Music grad) was top center with lead vocals and rhythm guitar Jakko  Jakszyk (brilliant!) with keyboards and sax/horn player extraordinaire!  Anyway the show was so amazing and more than once I caught my son with his jaw dropped at what he was witnessing on stage! There were 8 brilliant musicians on stage and we were both pointing out a different guy to watch the whole concert.  Most of the songs were from early to mid 70's and my favorite was "Letters" from the "Islands" album and of course they closed with 21st Century Schizoid Man! 

Just a great show that I know you would have loved! My son and I have now seen Crimson, RUSH & Jeff Beck together! So at 25 he likes his "real" music as I call it!



From: Canamcougars


<Being a Stamp Man myself>

And here I thought it was only your games and wit that shone!!!  Who knew....

Randy "Go Stamps Go!!"


From: GeorgeAdams


I've had the first King Crimson cd for years, but just recently started listening to some of the others. This stuff is blowing me away. I have bought "Poseidon", "Larks", "Red" and "Starless and Bible Black". Next I want to buy a couple of the cd's that Fripp worked with Eno. I am a long time fan of Brian Eno. 

george in K.C.


From: GeorgeAdams


Chris, "Starless" from Red, has to be my favorite so far....haunting and menacing at it's best...incredible music. It's like Bolero on steroids.

george "I'm a Crimso Head" in K.C.


From: kseesar1


I'm a Crimson fan from Vacaville, CA!  Viva La Crimson!



From: Woods1962


Wow, this entire time I thought King Crimson was a pitcher for the 1916 White Sox!


Windsor Greg (thomvan)

From: Windsor Greg (thomvan)


1973 is up, as is 1972 and 1941 ... 34 seasons now!  1974 is scheduled by the end of the month ... and maybe another 1950's season ???