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What is This   Excel Helper Community

Started Nov-11 by Windsor Greg (thomvan); 294 views.

Well, requests are coming in for the Excel Helper seasons.  Since I will not support the spreadsheet by email, maybe the community of players can keep tabs here and help each other.


From: DMOSS3


The helper works great Greg. After quite a few games played with it, there have been ZERO issues with it. As I mentioned in my email to you, I may make a video on how to set up a game using the Helper. The only problem may be that I use a Mac computer, but I don't think the steps will be any different compared to those with a PC

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From: Ganguy


Agree 100%. While I use another program to score the games, the helper keeps everything else in one place, including the boards and all other related material, and makes it very easy to play the game. It’s the only reason I’m still playing baseball several days after the World Series is over. Usually I’m in football mode by now, but I have not played a football game yet this year thanks to Fall Classic.

DMOSS3... I’m using a Mac also with no issues.


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Maybe you can provide your link for your demo.  Also, a demo on pitching changes and pinch hitters or fielders would be great.