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My Computer Desktop Screen   Excel Helper Community

Started 11/13/17 by Windsor Greg (thomvan); 560 views.
Windsor Greg (thomvan)

From: Windsor Greg (thomvan)


This is my screen when playing a game with Excel Helper.  The AWAY team file is on the left, and the HOME on the right.  The Single Screen Game Player is in the middle, and the dice in the lower left.

Once I have my AWAY file set up I do a File-Save As and name it the original team name I started with.  Then I save it back to 000-excel-fcb-AWAY.xls to play the game.  This way the next time I open the team file it will be ready with the previous game's lineup, and all the b's (bench players), r's (relief pitchers) set up.  I do the same for the HOME team except I save it back to 000-excel-fcb-HOME.xls

If you look closely you will see that I have added a new tab called "bullpen".  What I did was copy-drag the P1 tab (hold the CTRL key down then click and drag the P1 sheet to a new location ... it makes and copy called P1 (1) that I rename bullpen ... just double click on the tab name and type in the new name).  Once I have this new worksheet set up I delete all the cards out, then copy and paste from the P1 to P5 sheets my bullpen pitchers for the game or series into this new sheet, anywhere from 6 to 8 pitchers.  I do all of this in the original team file.  Then when I want to go to the bullpen I don't go to the P1-5 sheets where I see all the starters and extra pitchers not even on the roster for the game.  Instead I go to the bullpen sheet where I see only the available bullpen pitchers for that game.



From: Ganguy


I use another game to control the rosters as it does daily transactions, and to keep stats, etc. I play games between contenders and let the computer play games between the teams that are out of it.

This is a screenshot from 12.9" iPad Pro using Splashtop. 


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Windsor Greg (thomvan)

From: Windsor Greg (thomvan)


What computer sim is that.