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Opening NIght For League Play!   Discussions

Started 11/16/17 by dadoffive01; 287 views.

From: dadoffive01


Tonight we open play for our 36 game 1971 American League 7 team draft league! The A.L.  winner meets the N.L. winner in a best of 7 World Series and the right to chose what season we draft from next!  If anyone wants to check out the league Face Book page let me know and I will try to add you. Please feel free to help me figure out how I can do this as I am not real swift with this stuff.

DMOSS, I know you were interested along with a few others and you even told me how to add you but I don't think that worked? Anyway there is a local blogger who does a "Talk Of The Town" piece and he is coming tonight to do a story on our league! Greg, I assume this is okay with you, but I thought I should ask if there's anything you request I (we) don't mention?

I'd be more than happy to mention the Fall Classic website and forum page as well as your name Greg is that's okay?

Anyway I'm getting excited to get started and hopefully guide my squad to not only the A.L. crown but the World Series title as well!


Chris....Good Luck & Have Fun!

                                            Pete S.

PS - If you get this Facebook thing figured out, I sure would like to be added


Windsor Greg (thomvan)

From: Windsor Greg (thomvan)


Say whatever you desire.  Have fun.