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First Encounter of the FAC Kind   Announcements

Started Nov-16 by Windsor Greg (thomvan); 683 views.

Well, I couldn't resist.  Here's the FACs for the 54 Chart ... but not men on base wildest.  You still have to go to the main charts for those.

There's only 20 of them, and they would be repeated 9 times if I put them on the back of the current FAC set of 180 cards.

Any thoughts.



    I see how you get to the "Wildest Chart" with bases empty with these cards, but I do not see how you can get to the "Wildest Chart" with men on base with these cards...but I do like the idea of the 54 Chart FAC's....although for as infrequently as they occur, I also don't mind looking them up and rolling the dice on the actual chart.

    I eagerly await the arrival, and then "test drive" of my recently ordered FAC's.

                                                                                                                 Pete S.

I am in the process of revamping the FACs slightly.  The engine needed more pickoffs, so they were introduced on 19 in the Wild, and 20 taking you to Wilder which then has Catcher pickoffs.  I don't think I will have Wilder take you to Wildest.

The only way to get to Wildest is with the 46-20 off the ball park chart, which will occur once every 700 pa's for a team, or about 8.5 teams a season.  Only about 4 of those times will there be men on base.  Thus, if you replay a team's schedule you will get it 8 times since there are 2 teams playing.


From: curtalva


This works for me. I'm assuming you would integrate these 54 chart results into the one FAC deck. Is that the thinking (if you move forward with this concept)?


From: Ganguy


So... some 54 chart results are on the back of the cards, but not all of them? The chart would still be needed for some results? Really?

If that’s the case, I’ll stay with what I have. I am adding new odd/rare events to the 54 charts as I play anyway. 

Carry on. 

Yes.  Really.  There is no room for the Men on Base Wildest Charts unless I make it like a 3 point font.  However, while a 54 Chart comes up about once a game, only 4 of those during a season go to the Men on Base Wildest Chart.  So you use the FAC deck about 154 times out of 162, and use the Charts the other 8.

Does this make sense?


From: Ganguy


I don't care for the idea of splitting up the 54 chart. But, that's me. Others will be fine with it. 

I am in the process of expanding the Bases Empty 54 chart, taking results from Roster Card, Playball, and other rare play charts I have. That's part of the fun for me.

Carry on!!


   I now understand how you get to the "Wildest Chart" with runners on base. Thank you for that explanation. As I said before, I can go either way with the 54 Chart (in part) being included in the design of any FAC's. Great without it....possibly better with it.

                                                 Pete S.