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Koufax 1966 Replay   Replays and Great Games Played

Started Nov-16 by Windsor Greg (thomvan); 299 views.

I'm 9 starts in with a 1966 Koufax replay, as played lineups.  So far.

6-1 ... 2.34 ERA ... 77 IP ... 63 hits ... 4 HR ... 17 BB ... 80 K



From: DMOSS3


Anxious to see how this turns out Greg. Keep the stats coming...

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In Koufax 10th start of the year vs. Pirates 5/23/1966.  Cruising Koufax Control with a 3-0 lead into the 9th when 66 mania happened with the FACs.  When the dust settled 4 extra base hits, including 2 homers, a 2 run shot by Clemente to tie it, and then a solo homer by Clendenon to take the lead.  In the bottom of the 9th the 66 struck again, this time a run scoring double by Kennedy to tie it, Koufax lifted for a pinch hitter, 2 K's later and with 2 out Parker laces a single to right to maybe win it ... except Clemente comes up gunning and Kennedy is out by an eye lash (Clemente assist rating 1-5 and the D6 = 5).  Game going into extra innings ... Koufax no decision and here is his line.

9 ip, 4 runs all earned the hard way, 6 hits, 1 walk, 11 K's, 2 HR's.


From: Ganguy


Curious... does Koufax have any negative home run ratings?


From: DMOSS3


Sounds like a great game. Those 66s can pop up at the most opportune (and inopportune) times!