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Started 11/17/17 by dadoffive01; 302 views.

From: dadoffive01


Ok guys, so I guess it's just as simple as me adding your names to our Facebook League page for you guys to be able to check it out. Does this sound correct to any of you that know for sure? If so, please by all means just send me a message with your name and I will add you !

We had opening night tonight with 6 of the 7 teams in action (1 team gets a bye  each week). My squad took 2 out of 3 from my opponent Jordan. In game 1, my 1st  draft pick (the #3 overall pick) Wilbur Wood got absolutely destroyed, giving up 5 runs and 13 hits in 6&1/3 innings! I ended up losing 7-3.  In game #2 Catfish Hunter threw a CG 1-hit shutout and Norm Cash homered as I squeaked by 2-0  . In game #3 Joe Coleman went 8 allowing 3 runs on only 5 hits and striking out 9, but it took a bottom of the 9th rally for me to tie it at 3, on a Gail Hopkins PH R.B.I. single. I won it in the bottom of the 10th on Mickey Stanley's 1-out base hit, that plated Amos Otis for a 4-3 win.

My son Nick took two of three from his opponent Ben as they played 32 innings over the 3 game set. Nick's overall 1st pick of the draft Vida Blue (B) lived up to his #1 overall pick by pitching 11 innings of shutout ball! Nick won it in the 10th 1-0! Ben sent Paul Splittorff (A) to the mound and he matched Blue inning for inning until he tired after 9. Dave Laroche took the loss for Ben.

Game 2 saw Nick send Jim Palmer to the hill but he was not on his game and ended up losing by a 6-2 score. Nick went with Mickey Lolich (A)in game 3 (yes Nick's 1st 3 picks went Blue, Lolich & Palmer!). This one went 10 innings, when with Lolich tossing a 2-hit SHO going into the bottom of the 9th ,Ben rallied for 3 to tie it, the last run being plated on a 2-out single by Lou Piniella on a roll of 26 (L/R) which with Greg's new rule that this is an auto 2-base advancement, scored the runner from 2nd to tie it. Nick scored on a WP by Laroche (the loser again) and decided to stay with Lolich since he hadn't reached his BFS yet!!! Lolich walked the leadoff hitter, but then got a K, a FB and then another K to end it.

In the other series of the night (all 3 being played simultaneously by the way) Alex took 2 out of 3 from Bob. Bob did get a 2-hit CG shutout from Tommy John in game 2 for his main highlight.

So it was a great opening night with a ton of really close games and some strong D played. I think Jordan and I only had 1 error and maybe 3 failed range checks in our series. There was some tremendous pitching performances and not many homers hit at all!  Three out of the 4 total homers(!) in mine and Jordan's series came off the P-65 roll.

There was a friend of Alex's there tonight who is a blogger and took many notes a few photos and is planning on writing a couple pieces on our League! He is a life long Strat player, but was very impressed with Fall Classic and love the game engine. He is interested in joining the league after this season is decided and if we decide to add an 8th manager, which I'm sure we will!

Anyway we had a blast, Fall Classic is tremendous and I can't wait to play again! Since league night is Thursday and next week is Thanksgiving and since the schedule just happens to have my son & I playing we decided to play either Wednesday night or on Thanksgiving itself! Though I'm not looking forward to facing his pitching staff, it should still be a ton a fun!



From: NeilPat


Hi Chris.

Looks like an exciting opening day in your league.

My Facebook request to join your Boldo's Fall Classic Baseball League remains in a "Pending" status.

My guess is that only the administrator can grant me (and others) access. There is only one administrator for your group and he is Boldo White.

Hope to check out your league, but it looks like only Boldo (and not you) can grant access to the group.



From: dadoffive01


Thanks for letting me know that Neil! I will contact Alex "Boldo" White and let him know! Thanks again for your interest my friend!



From: timpat3


same here Chris...Lisa Haas(wife of mine) also is looking to join