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The FAC's?   Discussions

Started 11/25/17 by dadoffive01; 355 views.

From: dadoffive01


Okay guys (mainly Greg) but anyone who can answer would be most appreciated. On a pitcher out-g result, does that take precedent over the result on the FAC? Or even in the chart book I guess. For instance if man on 3rd and infield in, does the result of out-g mean runner scores or do inf in results come into play? Actually,would it take precedent over any on base situation on the FAC resulting in a groundball?

How do I play this result. On the FAC basehit section it reads: base hit to INF/CF 1-3 holds **F on 2nd!  I don't understand this result.

Lastly I was just wondering how you guys use the FAC's for Error/Range checks as well as Run With Risk/Assist chances? What I do is flip a new FAC to get the D20 result and/or the 1D6 result for risk/assist chance. Any thoughts?

Thanks guys



From: DMOSS3


I think I read that an OUTg results in a groundout code 6 for a right handed batter and 4 for a lefty batter. So with a runner on third and the inf in, if the batter was a righty, look at d20 result 6 under that base situation and inf in. That says on 6, groundout runner on third holds if Inf in, but runner can run with risk 

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From: dadoffive01


Thanks DMOSS (as always!) Sounds good and I appreciate you taking the time! Any clue about my other question, about the F! runner?

Thanks again!


BTW, I wasn't feeling so hot last not and was laying in bed watching some of your tremendous demos for about the 50th time!  Great stuff!