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Things I like about Fall Classic   Discussions

Started 11/29/17 by DMOSS3; 535 views.

From: DMOSS3


The more I play Fall Classic, the more I like it. Here's why:

1)Statistical Accuracy- The replays I've seen and the games I've played bear out the statistical accuracy of the game

2)Every player that played in a game is carded (at least on the Helper/PDF versions)

3)Traded players have their own cards for each team they played for based on their contributions to that team. This is a biggie for me. It just makes sense

4)The ability to play the games on the computer via the Helper. Huge thing for me as well.

5)Many seasons available and rapidly growing. 

6)Greg listens to his customer base. Most game creators do this, but not all of them! 

7)Ease of play while still maintaining game detail without taking 45 mins to play one game.

The game is a winner in my book

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From: curtalva


Couldn't agree more. :)

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From: KevElias


Can you now use the EXCEL helper for all PDF seasons?

If so ... is it hard to setup?

I said once the HELPER is available and usable for all season, I'm in.


Kevin E


From: DMOSS3


Kevin, yes all seasons are available with the Helper. Its not hard to set up. Here's what I do:

I order the season in PDF form from the ASG website. Then I paypal Greg's email for $5 for the Helper. I write in the note what Helper season I want. Once you get the Helper files, the video I made should help you get up and running.

Also, you will need the files that Greg posted on this forum. Go down to Nov 18 thread titled "Fall Classic Helper". Then go down to post 10 and download the files Greg posted there and copy and paste them to your helper files folder. Then watch the video below

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