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New FAC Brewing   Announcements

Started 12/3/17 by Windsor Greg (thomvan); 4380 views.

I have decided to put out static sets of FAC cards.  This means that everyone who buys FAC Set 1 will get the same random numbers on top.  If you want a different set of random numbers you would buy FAC Set 2.  If anyone wanted more cards they would purchase FAC Set 3, etc.

The reason I am doing this is because each set will have an even distribution of all numbers, that, is each set will have 55 of each of the D36’s, 99 of each of the D20’s, and 330 of each of the D6’s.

The old way could have enough of a difference to make a FAC set maybe Homerun heavy or light. When running some random number tests,  I was a bit surprised at how many of a certain number above or below the average could come up.

I’m not sure if this alleviates any of you who are concerned about the randomness of a random number deck.  Some are concerned that if one of the 55 chances of getting a 66 is pulled then the next pull only has 54 chances left.  Personally, I don’t have a problem with that.  The mathematical difference between 55/1980 and 54/1980 is minimal. It's 1 less chance out of 1,980 events.

Which column the 55 chances are grouped is totally random.  Maybe half of them are in a certain column.  It would take a great deal of study to track through to find this out. Personally I wouldn't want to do that study.

People who like FACs also still like to roll the dice with them. Personally I like rolling 2 dice. I think rolling the D6's and then grabbing a FAC for the D20 and play result is acceptable.


The Auto FAC flipper that I have produced is totally random with each flip getting a recalc done by Excel. Does anyone know how to turn this into a phone app?


From: IRA72


This is going to be great! Ira


From: bogert53


I couldn't get the auto flipper to work with my Mac version of Excel (up-to-date).  Clicking on the cell to get a new card didn't do anything.  When I opened the file, I enabled macros.  No biggie.  I'm looking forward to the new deck.  You had said those who purchased the old deck could get the new one for $7, if I'm not mistaken?  Can we pay you now so that we can get the deck when it comes out ASAP?  If we get Deck 1 with that $7, how much would it cost to add on other decks?


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From: curtalva


I actually use dice when playing AND the FAC deck.




F9 works on Mac version of Excel to change the cards.





From: Mike90001


Hi Greg

Interested in the FAC but could you please explain what all of the data is on a card?  i see columns 1 to 11 but I don't know what that signifies exactly?  what does the row 36 mean.  Is that a dice roll reading beside it in columns 1 to 11?  How do you know what column to use?


From: q77m


l use the number for which inning the game is in, for randomness.  I roll my own dice forthe initial 11-66 roll; If I need a d20 or d6 result, and the game is in the fifth inning, I use the five column.  Easy.


From: curtalva


Thanks to Greg sending me an advanced copy of the most recent Fast Action Cards I was able to create an online digital version of the Fall Classic Baseball FACs. These will display on a laptop, desktop PC, tablet or cell phone. I have personally viewed these FACs on an iPhone 5 and an iPhone 6.

For cell phone displays what I did was simply use two fingers on the phone to drag/adjust and effectively zoom-in on the top portion of the Fast Action Card to fit the cell phone screen and the cards displayed nicely for reading. Then as you need to view the bottom portion of the FAC (bottom portion represents the back of the Fast Action Card which contains the "Wild" results) you can simply scroll/swipe down (not needed too often).

To use the FAC app simply click with the mouse (or tap with finger for touch screens) on the Fast Action Card and a new FAC will appear.

Along the top of the Fast Action Cards are digital dice results. The first two (Red & White) provide the main number for the player card look-up. The Black die result is a d20 and the Green die result is a lone/extra d6 result. The Black (d20) and Green (d6) dice can be clicked on (or tap for touch screens) separately to provide individual re-rolls of the Black (d20) and Green (d6) dice only.

Using the 'Enter' key (or the 'Ctrl' key) on the keyboard will also trigger a NEW Fast Action Card to be displayed.


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