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Started 12/3/17 by Windsor Greg (thomvan); 6008 views.

Well, YOU, sir, may not think this to be much ... but this is brilliant work. Bravo. It's on my Samsung, working delightfully. Going to get used to things, may not have to use the auto roller again.
Thanks again, for what you do for our community of gamers, Curt.


Just completed a game with the Curtalva Special, a 6-3 win in my fictional GLBL, a couple of key homers deciding it. The flow was superb, probably cut off 10-15 of playing time because I'm notorious for being a weirdo and tapping the 'fn' and 'delete' keys on the Mac several times, as I insist upon a "clean" auto roll. No need for that with this.
Pretty impressive.