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Junior Is On Fire   Replays and Great Games Played

Started 10/13/17 by ccapbafan; 2043 views.
Windsor Greg (thomvan)

From: Windsor Greg (thomvan)


Good question.  I think I would count it as a PB.


From: JStaples22


I've noticed the same thing with Ballstat.  In my Durocher Cup project that I just finished, I know there were at least two instances where I had to manually adjust the run from earned to unearned.  My speculation is that it's catching the runs that directly involve errors (runner that scored had reached on error, or the error was what drove him in) but it might not catch runs that would be unearned because an error simply extended an inning but didn't directly lead to a run scoring.  




In Ballstat you need to act as the official scorer and change some of the runs to unearned when there are errors.  I don't think there is any score keeping software that is capable of catching 100% of the unearned runs. Too many variables. It is easy to edit runs from earned to unearned, just click on cell with run you want to change and then click appropriate button above the scoresheet.





From: ccapbafan


Thank you. I'm surprised I never noticed this before. I wonder if it is also possible that the Fall Classic game engine doesn't have errors resulting in a realistically high amount of base advancement overall. That wouldn't occur to me without this happening, but then I also never noticed ERA being this high with other games  with BallScoreStat (which may only mean that I didn't notice it - not that the ERAs weren't too high).

On the other hand if this was an issue with Fall Classic,  there probably would have been other posts about ERAs being too high.

Plus - it's only 36 games so far. That's between 600 and 700 IP. So it's not a very large sample size - the 91%/86% ratio I mentioned might get closer to 86%/86% as I play more games.

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