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Fall Classic Excel Helper   Discussions

Started Oct-26 by Windsor Greg (thomvan); 1383 views.

This is a little crude by today's computer standards, but it's not bad.

If interested email me at

I have the 2017 World Series participants ready to go in a Excel Helper that will display the batter, pitcher, defense, and many runner advance charts on one screen. 

It has electronic dice.

It does not accumulate stats.  It will print a scoresheet pre-filled with the lineups that you can pencil in.  It has instructions on how to use it.

If you know how to use Excel this may be a tidy way to play the game with no cards and paper charts.  But, you have to be a little conversant with Excel.



From: mustangbull




Hey Greg

I'm interested please send to

                                                      Thanks Ray




From: DMOSS3


Looks good Greg! Its actually working for me on my Mac. I can't find the 51-53 chart though. Im sure Im just missing it but can you point me in the right direction?

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On the right side of the Cards sheet I have the 51-53 boxes in between the runner advancements for hits and outs.


From: DMOSS3


Doh. Ok. Even though I am an eye doctor, maybe I need my own eyes checked!


From: DMOSS3


Greg, is there a way to get the opponents defense at the top instead of the same teams? In other words, on Houston's team sheet, they have their defense at top instead of the Dodgers. I would like to have LA's defense at the top for when Houston is batting and vice versa. Maybe I am missing something again?


From: DMOSS3


Greg, I love the Helper. I like to play the games on my PC so this is a godsend. I own the 1961, 1969 and 1964 seasons. Any chance of getting the '64 season done soon in the Helper?

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Email  me.

In reply toRe: msg 9

I have added a single screen viewer to the helper.  Here is the first the 3 files needed.  Read the instructions.


Download all 3 files and use with the first 2 files I sent you.


The next 2 files will be with the next 2 messages.  Delphi will not accept all 3.