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1986 Pitcher 65 HR Ratings   Discussions

Started 10/30/17 by Brett (kingnthg); 810 views.

From: mtdobrow


If the roll is say HOMER 1-12 / DOUBLE, does it then become HOMER 1-4/DOUBLE ?

This is a very good question. If the pitcher has a HR -8, another possibility would be:

HOMER 1-4 [OUT 5-12]/DOUBLE.

The batter result after the slash isn't really linked to what precedes the slash, other than having a 13-20 chance of scoring that result; so in my mind, I'm seeing these stingy anti-gopher ball pitchers having the knack for making hitters miss their pitch and being rewarded for it.

Greg, can you clarify this scenario please?

Thanks, Mark


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From: Ganguy


Are you sure you make that adjustment on a home run that comes from a 66? I thought those adjustments only came into play on dice roll 65 HR - P.

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From: DMOSS3


If it's wrong hopefully Greg will clarify

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A pitcher's negative HR can only affect the main card.  Thus it would affect dice roll 66 in the previous example.

If the HOMERUN split was on dice roll 55 then that's where it would be affected.

A minus 8 is rather large and if the player's card read:



... then technically it should take away the HOMERUN on 55 and on 66 if the D20 is 16-20.

These homeruns are now OUT, not doubles.


From: Ganguy


Wow... OK, I stand corrected. I have not been playing it this way.

Page 1 of instructions, explaining the batters card, 66 HOMERUN is a home run. No explanation or instruction to check for a Pitchers Negative HR rating. 

Page 2 of instructions next to the pitchers card are instructions for Dice roll 65, and further in the paragraph there are instructions for the HR split number on 55. I did not assume it would carry over to dice roll 66 which is a full home run in this example.

Page 5, New Rules, gives instruction for Negative HR Ratings on Dice roll 65.

I keep learning something new every day. LOL

Brett (kingnthg)

From: Brett (kingnthg)


Thanks for the clarification, Greg.  It honestly never would have occured to me that it was a cumulative subtraction, if the batter has multiple HR lines.

As a side note, can you check out my question on the Ballpark cards that I posted yesterday?  I am sure I am wrong about how it works, and my message is rather rambling and confusing, I apologize for that!


From: mtdobrow


Thanks for clarifying, Greg. I had a feeling the "stopped" homers would become outs rather than defer to anything after the slash.



From: medicA8


Me too. I had only been doing reductions if applying to 65 -P. Played 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66 straight up. Hummm Marv