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1986 Pitcher 65 HR Ratings   Discussions

Started 10/30/17 by Brett (kingnthg); 803 views.

From: Ganguy


Wow... OK, I stand corrected. I have not been playing it this way.

Page 1 of instructions, explaining the batters card, 66 HOMERUN is a home run. No explanation or instruction to check for a Pitchers Negative HR rating. 

Page 2 of instructions next to the pitchers card are instructions for Dice roll 65, and further in the paragraph there are instructions for the HR split number on 55. I did not assume it would carry over to dice roll 66 which is a full home run in this example.

Page 5, New Rules, gives instruction for Negative HR Ratings on Dice roll 65.

I keep learning something new every day. LOL

Brett (kingnthg)

From: Brett (kingnthg)


Thanks for the clarification, Greg.  It honestly never would have occured to me that it was a cumulative subtraction, if the batter has multiple HR lines.

As a side note, can you check out my question on the Ballpark cards that I posted yesterday?  I am sure I am wrong about how it works, and my message is rather rambling and confusing, I apologize for that!


From: mtdobrow


Thanks for clarifying, Greg. I had a feeling the "stopped" homers would become outs rather than defer to anything after the slash.



From: medicA8


Me too. I had only been doing reductions if applying to 65 -P. Played 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66 straight up. Hummm Marv