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Started Nov-9 by dadoffive01; 716 views.
Brett (kingnthg)

From: Brett (kingnthg)


I *think* the only place it is called out specifically is on a pickoff error - F! goes to third.

I assume the rest of the time it plays like a regular F, but you have played far more games of FCB than I have!  :-)


From: dadoffive01


Thanks for responding Brett! Yeah that's about the only benefit of being F! that I can see as well (for now).


Brett (kingnthg)

From: Brett (kingnthg)


I believe Greg has said, someplace else, that he was thinking about adding it in other places.

The quickest way to add the F! would be as a house rule, which I use.  When using the Run with Risk Chart, give the F! a minus one influence.  So, if the S arm outfielder has a 1-5 chance, the F! drops it to 1-4.  A arms 1-3 drops to 1-2, and W arm 1 now has no chance to throw him out, no risk.

Brett (kingnthg)

From: Brett (kingnthg)


Hey, I like that - it's a good one, thanks - I'll pencil that into my charts, LOL.

As a side note, I was looking at the pickoff chart in the stolen base section.  Do you think there would be a way to incorporate potential balks in there?  I suspect it would have to have a pitcher balk rating though.  Or are balks covered enough elsewhere in the system?

I've tried to sufficiently cover balks in the 54 Charts.  But, if you come up with something be sure to put it into the mods section.


From: JoeRunde


Great "house" rule. Since you're the designer, I think this ought to be a standard rule.

I might put it into the annual rule book update next October. 


From: Ganguy


I like giving F! runners the option of trying for an inside-the-park home run if they triple. 1-3 safe, 4-6 out. Borrowed this from Roster Card Baseball.