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Started 11/11/17 by dadoffive01; 342 views.

From: dadoffive01


Just had 2 more of my buddies over this morning to teach Fall Classic to them and of course they both love it! Al is 63 and Anthony is 49, which continues to prove that your never too old to be 13 again! Anthony chose the 16' Reds (his favorite team) and I pulled the Mets out blindly. I escaped with a 7-6 10 inning win. I had a 5-1 lead after 3 innings on homers by Conforto, Walker & Loney and Syndergaard was cruising.

In the 7th the Reds put another on the board and it was 5-2. Synergaard went 7 allowing 7 hits, 2 runs and striking out 10, while walking 2. The Mets bullpen (Blevins &  Lugo) collapsed, allowing 3 runs in the 8th to tie it. The Mets got an R.B.I. single by Cespedes in the top of the 9th and then I brought in Familia to close it out. Well he didn't as he gave up a 2-out PH homer to Adam Duvall to tie it at 6!

Neal Walker led off the 10th with a stand-up triple and came home on Loney's single for a 7-6 lead. In came Addison Reed with his turn/chance to try and end this thing. Well not so fast, as he loaded the sacks with 2 hits and a walk, but got Holt to swing and miss at a fastball to get the win. Anyway despite his Reds losing, Anthony was "Hooked on the Classic"! And can't wait to play again and wants to start a league!


From: DMOSS3


Good stuff. How did Al like the game? There's no telling how many "older" fellas are out there that have been baseball fans all their lives but may have never played a table top game like FC. I bet there are many

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From: dadoffive01


Al along with Anthony both loved Fall Classic! They both could not believe the detail and design and time & thought put into this game!

Thanks for responding!