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What Sets Fall Classic Apart?   Discussions

Started 11/13/17 by bogert53; 1411 views.

From: Canamcougars



Baseball has really only broken my heart once, when OUR Expos departed for Washington my friend.

The Stampeders, on the other hand, break it on a seemingly annual basis!  Certainly the last few years.  So once again I face a potentially heart stopping weekend (hopefully two!) ahead!

Randy H.


From: heim618


There's been a decent amount of word of mouth (forum?) lately from people who's opinions I respect.  I have been contemplating a baseball project with another game but before beginning I thought I would take a look at Fall Classic given what I've heard, and also since it also offers the season I am interested in.

Like yourself I downloaded the rules and charts, along with the demonstration teams from the 2016 WS.  I've played around with them a bit and played the first game of the that year's WS.  While the 5-4 Cleveland win caused me to question the game (kidding! kidding!) I've liked what I've seen.  I think the interaction between the pitcher and hitter cards is outstanding and allows for certain players to influence a game more than others.  I also like that it does account for defense and ballpark effects but does so in a manner that feels right and is "enough" but not too much.   I know there are still parts of the game I need to master a bit more, but I do not think that should be a problem.

The long and the short is that Greg now has some of my money and I look forward to the arrival of 1979 over the next week.


From: apba66nyslp


I have only played one game of FCB with George "you got me hooked again" Adams from KC and the game just flows well and feels right. I am an experienced APBA, SOM, Replay enthusiast but this game has a place at my tabletop. Yes after just one game.

Randy C.

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From: bogert53


Thanks to all of you for your input.  Let me ask this:  If I use the FAC cards, how often do I need to consult charts?  And can I use the basic chart (again, game layout space is limited and I don't want to flip charts for each base situation ala APBA).


From: timpat3


great question!


From: phillyphils


THIS is the question for me as well.  I almost pulled the trigger on this game, but the one thing that prevented me from doing so was the chart flipping.  I didn't know there were FACs...


From: JoeRunde


Even with dice, the number of times you need to flip are pretty limited. The base advancement is on one side of one chart, and the error/range plays are on the back of the rule book. So rare plays, bunts and steals send me into the book, and I quickly (three or four games) memorized the steal process.

Windsor Greg (thomvan)

From: Windsor Greg (thomvan)


Usually flipping one FAC will give you a very random number, 11 #'s x 180 cards = 1980 numbers in a deck, and each deck has a different set of random numbers.  Also the type of out or hit placement with all base situations for that out or hit are there.  and the defense charts are there too.  So usually you flip one card per batter and that's it.  You need to look up the 54 Chart on average once a game.  If you H&R or SAC you may have to look those up, but they're easy to memorize if you do them a lot.  All in all, the chart lookups are very very very limited.

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Brett (kingnthg)

From: Brett (kingnthg)


I have played about 20 games into my 1986 replay, and this is what I have observed so far.

There are 4 chart pages that I use most often:

1.  The "Quick Out Chart" and the Quick Hits Chart" which I printed double sided (I also have the IN-S/H/F wrote in at the bottom of the OUTS chart)

2.  Defense Chart/Exotic Error chart, printed double sided

3.  54 Wild plays charts, again printed double sided

4.  The Sac-bunt/H&R charts, which I have printed double sided with the Bases Empty OUT Chart, which I never use.

Occaisionally I have to reference one of the other OUT charts - either for translation of the play on the Quick Out Chart, or play numbers 11 or 20 with runners on other than just 1st.

Most of the time the game moves right along - especially when you get the outs pattern memorized - like any other game, really.  E.g., if the play is an OUT, and the D20 reads 4 or 14 - grounder to second. Next batter please.  If there are runners on, quickly consult the Quick OUT chart and see what happens, record and move on.


From: Canamcougars


That is a great summary Brett.  I too find you quickly get a feel for remembering results and don't find chart look ups onerous in this game.

I have not used the FAC's so can't comment on those.