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First Encounter of the FAC Kind   Announcements

Started Nov-16 by Windsor Greg (thomvan); 691 views.

Just played my first game of dice baseball without dice ... other than computer sims and Excel Helpers ... with just the FACs.  Never thought much about it.  I only made the FACs for Fall Classic because some of you were asking for it.

The verdict ... I'm converted ... I'm hooked.  It was great!

I didn't use dice.  I used the random numbers at the top of the FAC card.  I figured there are enough of them to keep me going.  With 11 x 180 cards that's 1980 different random numbers for D36, D20, D6 each.  I think that's enough to keep me not feeling the same numbers keep coming up.

I didn't drop dice on the floor.  Big plus, especially as I get older.

I didn't have trouble picking up the dice off the table.  Big plus, especially as I get older.

My arm didn't hurt after rolling 80 times.  Big plus, especially as I get older.

The outs and 51-53 defense checks, and runner advancement right there!  Big plus.  It's right there.  No searching for anything.  The only thing I might do with future sets is make the popouts and lineouts specific instead of the white die check.  I mean, why not?  With 10 popouts and 10 lineouts in each deck, it gives enough variance.

With 180 cards there's no chance of having to reshuffle the deck in a 9 inning game, no matter how many runs are scored.  In a 56 batter game, I went through about one-third of the deck.  I was using the D36 and the corresponding D20 right below it and if there was a 51-53 Defense check, all the same card.  I would flip to a new FAC for the actual Defense check.  I also flipped to new FACs for outfield assist chances.

Koufax won 5-0 over the Giants in a May 19, 1966 game.  He did his normal Koufax thing, 9 innings, 5 hits, 1 walk, 8 K's.

By the way, when you flip through your FACs there will be 4 extra FACs with just the random numbers on them.  You can just toss those out or keep them in there.  Future sets will get rid of those cards.


From: Ganguy


I received mine yesterday and took them for a spin last night. Very nice. Excellent quality cards.

I fully concur with your comments... everything is right there. I did have two 54 chart lookups, but that was easy. Everything else I needed was on the FAC's.

For my first game, I used the inning I was in to determine which column to use for the random numbers. That will change on a game-by-game basis.

And... the biggest plus of all... no hunting for dice on the floor!!




From: curtalva


I like the idea of eliminating the white die result for pop-up outs given that you have so many fast action cards to spread them out on. As you/we use them over time there may come even more realizations and ideas for using them. I look forward to receiving mine and giving them a go. 

Thanks again Greg!

p.s. What exactly is the D36 result used for?

p.s. II   No way to incorporate the 54 chart results into the FAC deck??

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From: Woods1962


But I get an arthritic thumb from FACS. Rather spread the pain across the whole arm. Fallen dice belong to the cat, grab another. <g>



From: Ganguy


p.s. What exactly is the D36 result used for? D36 is the initial roll of two D6's.

p.s. II   No way to incorporate the 54 chart results into the FAC deck?? Seems like it would a lot to add to the FACs considering that some of the cards are pretty full now. Examples: D20, Wildest Chart, Runner on First, Dice rolls 15-17. Or D20, Wildest Chart, First & Second, Dice rolls 18-20. Also the D20 Wildest Chart with the Bases Full is substantial. There are several other examples. 

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From: curtalva


Got it. Thanks!

Thinking out loud, for now I think I will let the gamer just yellow highlight the popout they want for each of the 10 popouts.  Could do the same for the lineouts, and for the generic GO's too.  It does take away a bit of the randomness if it's typed right in there.  But if the game player wants to adjust them a little, why not.

The 54 Chart results would have to go on the flip side of the FAC, and have all the Wild and Wilder situations.  There is no room for the Wildest with Men on Base, but they are rarely referred to.  See attached.


From: curtalva


 I like it Greg. I am all about using a fast action card deck instead of referring to charts. :-) Curt 

It will be a bit of an undertaking.  I don't know if everyone would want this type of card, double sided like that.  I mean, you're referring to the 54 chart once a game for both teams, assuming one of the 2 times it comes up it's with men on base and you're checking for a Wild Pitch 90% of the time by just referring to the D20.  It's like, man on 1st, 54-7 ... your brain immediately says check pitcher WP rating.  No need to go to a FAC in that situation.


From: curtalva


 I would have to agree with you on that so maybe just see where this goes.