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Started Nov-17 by dadoffive01; 579 views.

From: dadoffive01


Greg that pretty much clears it up for me! Thanks a ton and your right, I did ask about the FAC before but that was the earlier version before it said D36.....I think 


From: curtalva


Wow. The cards in the FAC deck are very nice! Perfect choice in card quality if you ask me! I am not sure I would be willing to sacrifice the logo on the back of the cards for the 54 Chart results. Not sure if that was even what you were contemplating. 

Very nice FAC deck!

Thanks again,


Yes, that's what I'm contemplating.

There's a problem with the logo.  It takes forever to print.  The printer has a hard time putting the graphics together.

Yes, I was contemplating the 54 Chart in place of the logo.

The other option is to go with just a 20 card deck for the 54 Chart.  The items are repeated 2 or 3 times or more each, so the chance of something happening twice in a game is there.


From: curtalva


Well I defer to your judgment. You certainly seem to know how to put out a good product. I would be interested either way you decide to go. :) 

kinda wish I had the knack for doing it.. it be fun be seller not a buyer..