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A couple of questions   Discussions

Started Nov-21 by kseesar1; 1497 views.

From: bogert53


Haha.  I realize Greg has produced a ton of seasons already and the World Series teams.  I was responding to the question about a set of great players.  World Series teams do that to some degree.



From: phillyphils


For what it's worth, I'd buy any more World Series sets that are made.  Would love to do a 64 or even a 128 team tournament with WS teams...

That day is approaching.  I now have 32 seasons done and could do a 64 team set.  Black Friday Sale PDF!  $32.  Paypal: ... Today only!


The Fall Classic Website says 29 seasons done, but the PDF's for 1934, 1973, and 1978 are now ready and will go up on ASG in a few days, which brings us to 32 seasons and 64 teams.


From: bogert53


Could you clarify what's on sale for $32??  

  • Edited November 24, 2017 10:28 am  by  bogert53

Today only.  $32.  64 World Series teams for all the seasons that have been completed.  You get 64 World Series teams.  $1 per World Series, but you have to buy the whole 32.

PDF only.  This will not be offered in print, neither today, and maybe never.

I've decided to extend the sale through the weekend.


From: phillyphils


My interest in a great player set would be a Franchise-All Star set.  That way, it's team based and I can set up a tournament.  Got a couple of them going in other formats right now.  Plus, 32 franchises makes for a clean tournament.  (I'm a big solo tournament guy...  Haha)  Best year card or average of 7 years would be my preference over career stats.  As far as which players, that's always a tough choice in a franchise set.  I could give you my input, but so could many others, and we'd probably all disagree on some players who should or shouldn't have made the cut...  Haha. 

What are the other 2 franchises?


From: kseesar1


Now that's a good question.  I would think you could include two Negro League all-time greats to round it out.