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Newbie game play question   Discussions

Started 11/24/17 by Steve Brandon (WHEATGERM); 571 views.
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I have all the charts and have read through the rules a few times and done some sample at-bats ... just was wondering whether the FACs for some reason had results that overrode the rules like to check fielder ratings, or if the checks just aren't noted on the FACs. 


From: Ganguy


No, they do not override the rules. Sometimes the abbreviations on the FAC's might not be 100% clear to me, so I keep the original charts that give full explanations of the results close by.

Eventually I will have all of the abbreviations memorized.

Thanks for the help!!


From: JoeRunde


If the d20 result on the original card is within the pitcher's KD range it's a strikeout. (Pitchers with high KD ratings minimize the likelihood of error and range checks.) 

If the D20 result on the 53 result card is not within the pitcher's KD range, you need another roll (or flip) to tell you who the fielder is (d36) and give you another d20 result. Note: 53 results are range plays; if the D20 is greater than the fielder's range, you would have a hit result off the 53 chart.