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Runner advance on fly outs   Mods by Gamers

Started 11/29/17 by Windsor Greg (thomvan); 967 views.
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From: curtalva


How do I use this Runner Advance on Fly Outs card? I like the 'card style' by the way! Nice. Not certain how to apply it.


  • Edited November 30, 2017 1:52 pm  by  curtalva

From: IRA72


My take is that this card replaces the advancement results on any fly balls to the outfield FAC. It's a good idea but I don't like the fact that all fly balls are being treated the same; i.e, allowing for runners to advance. My underlying concern was that the FACs did not allow, except in a few instances, runners to score from 3rd on a bases loaded fly out. Greg's initial suggestion was to use the play results from the Runners on 2nd & 3rd. I think that may work better. In any event, credit to Greg for his pro-active efforts with this (and all aspects of his fine game). I'm sure the FACs will be re-issued down the road with refinements & enhancements. Ira


From: catchercam


This card is used to replace the runners advancement area in the FAC'S? But not to be used to replace the base situation sheets?

If they can be, how do we read the results? Runner advance 1 - 17, out 18 - 20? Or they stay put on 18 -20?

If you get a flyout, be it a FAC or D20, you can then roll a D20 again to see what happens to runners on flyouts.  I'm only throwing it out there as a suggestion.  Personally I hate re-rolls and wouldn't use this chart.


From: IRA72


Greg- I agree that "re-rolls" are annoying and detract from the flow of the game--but with FACs that's less of a concern. I'm hoping the next iteration of the FACs will include revisions to the outfield fly out results; until then, I'll use the Runners on 2nd & 3rd results for bases loaded outfield fly out results. FCB will only keep getting better! Ira

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I am constructing the new FACs with the fly out chart in mind to reflect it.


From: IRA72


Greg- count me in for 2 sets! Ira


From: DMOSS3


Greg is 1972 the next season? I probably will get it. 1975 is a must for me too

1972 is next, then 1974, then 1975, then 1977.