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Sportswear   General Information

Started Jul-3 by penguinlucky; 96 views.

From: penguinlucky


I searched and did not find a topic where they would talk about good sportswear stores, I hope you can tell me here


From: kroshik


I rarely wear sports clothes. Unless I go to the gym or for a jog. And in general I like more feminine outfits. But after giving birth my figure changed, became wider and fuller, and I started wearing bigger clothes. The problem is that they are all kind of baggy. At least the ones I come across in stores.


From: CrySmile


I only wear sports clothes to the gym, but at work I have a dress code, and on weekends I try to be feminine and wear sundresses. Since now it is very hot to work out at the gym, I had to add to my closet and buy another sports shirt. I chose AchievePrime, my favorite brand on, decided to take a set, together with leggings. I already own more than one set of this brand, so I know the quality is great and I don't want to buy anything else.