The Family of God

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Up to now there has been no Family of God. It was only a Father and His Kids. A broken Family. Now there is a Mother too. And in the future their will be more Mothers. And the Family of God is now Healthy.

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Welcome to The Family of God.



Make yourself at home.

Please be:
Welcome. God accepts everyone.  Enjoy His Love.  And the Joy and Happiness found in Perfect Family Life.  This mean you are free to be you.  All your opinions and thoughts are welcome.

Be ready to grow up in your New Life in God.  Here you are born again as a Baby of God from your Parents and Grow up in the Life of God by your Parents.  This is raising our Children.  Or in other words.  Parents living out their Parental Love towards their Children.  And their Children learning to Love and find the Joy and Happiness in God's Family.

Don't be:
Mean. Argumentative. Abusive. Profane.  We will Forgive you but also discipline you.  We can never reject you.  Because you come as a imperfect human being and with the expectation to find more in Life.

So you have to grow up in the Life of God.  This mean growing out of human bad spirits/emotions/feelings.  Because you grow up in the Holy Spirit of God.  This is Love.  And Love is the opposite of evil spirits. 


To be born again by your Mother.  But obviously God is your Father in your Birth because no Mother can get a Baby alone.  You will be born again as a Baby God in the Name and Life of Jesus.  Your New Name and your New Life as a Child of God.  And expect to be given Mothers Milk to grow up in the Life of God.  Expect to find many problems too.  But with God there is also a Solution for every problem.  He is your Father and your Creator.  He is your Protector and your Provider.