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From: ShroomyJHAug-21 7:54 PM 
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A federal appeals court ruled late Tuesday that presidential electors who cast the actual ballots for president and vice president are free to vote as they wish and cannot be required to follow the results of the popular vote in their states.


The decision could give a single elector the power to decide the outcome of a presidential election — if the popular vote results in an apparent Electoral College tie.

"This issue could be a ticking time bomb in our divided politics. It's not hard to imagine how a single faithless elector, voting differently than his or her state did, could swing a close presidential election," said Mark Murray, NBC News senior political editor.


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From: JudeH44Aug-22 12:14 AM 
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From: JustinP1112Aug-22 2:00 AM 
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That can work both ways.


From: Stephierawx4 DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by hostAug-22 6:06 AM 
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From: ShroomyJHAug-22 7:17 AM 
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From: ShroomyJHAug-22 7:18 AM 
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From: LizM321 DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by hostAug-22 6:54 PM 
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I have to agree it could become a ticking time bomb.


From: CaroleH02Aug-22 11:48 PM 
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This is only in a tie?


From: Bike (URALTOURIST1) DelphiPlus Member IconAug-23 9:27 AM 
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No, it just reinforces what the Constitution says about the College of Electors system, basically it defines a COLLEGE OF ELECTORS selected by the various states who vote to elect the president and vice-president.  Note that electors are selected BY THE STATES, not defined further, the idea of selection though a public election is not even mentioned, many states used to select the electors by legislative or executive appointments, the PEOPLE were not even in the equation.


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From: JoyB4ChristAug-23 12:08 PM 
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This may be a problem.


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