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From: YoungGandalf DelphiPlus Member IconDec-29 10:59 AM 
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The epidemiologist stack from yesterday had an interesting comment from the UK

The main article criticized the lack of transparency and accuracy of the recent cdc policy changes. But now a quote from th3 UK comment:

From across the Pond, it may look to you like our NHS is not close to capacity because our case rate isn't as high as it got last year. You may not be aware that the NHS does not have the resources it had in earlier waves. Notice I said resources, not funding. We do not have all our health care workers (HCWs) any more. Many are ill or have been left disabled (and unable to do their work) by the remarkably high incidence of Long COVID or have been exhausted to the point of taking early retirement or resigning or committing suicide. Remaining HCWs seldom have access to the higher grade face masks now being recommended by many experts to fend of Omicron.

Our government said to carry on, dropped nearly all COVID measures 19 July, even told us this month to go ahead with holiday parties. But children under age 12 are unvaccinated. Schools are open with no masks in classrooms, no ventilation improvements (our ventilation is often poor), fully packed classes, no remote teaching any more, and prosecution of parents who try to keep their children out (as some clinically extremely vulnerable friends are trying to do in self-defense). So children get it (often half or more of a classroom at a time), an entire household gets it from each of them, and then everyone they interact with gets it.

People often take lateral flow tests before events and only attend if their result is negative. The false negative rate for those tests is relatively high. With previous variants, one false negative might result in a few people at the event getting COVID. Now, it is common for one false negative to result in all or nearly all attendees getting COVID from an event of just a couple of hours. Our prevalence rate is so high that if you have a gathering of, say, 40 people, statistically you must expect at least one attendee to have the virus.”

That speaks for itself. Governments tend to hide behind data to defend themselves. They usually do not lie outright in the West, they lie indirectly by not r3vealing all pertinent facts. Now read the part about the cdc criticism again keeping this in mind.

The truth is that, economically and politically, our governments, at the federal and the state  and city level, cannot afford to do the right thing. Citizens will pay the price.


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From: Ishmael112Dec-29 6:09 PM 
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What I take away from the YLE report is that people with all of their Covid shots do get the Omicron variant but their cases are almost all mild and they almost never are hospitalized.  On the other hand people who don't get the shots and do get the Omicron variant are very likely to be hospitalized so they are more severely ill.  

This particular report gives information for the US as a whole.  It does not address the fact that some parts of the country have far more unvaccinated people than other parts.  Perhaps that will be addressed in a later issue.  


From: YoungGandalf DelphiPlus Member IconJan-3 7:44 PM 
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You will most likely be confused. Here explains an epidemiologist what omicron is doing right now right here at home:



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From: Elderwulf(Terry) (KNAPPER44)Jan-3 10:07 PM 
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Our step-granddaughter finished nursing school last year and took a job in a large hospital in St Paul.. She became pregnant and her doctor wrote her an excuse exempting her from caring for Covid patients.. Her superiors ignored the order and assigned her to Covid patients anyway..

She has turned in her resignation and found a job in a clinic..

Anyway, I reckon I'm going to be a great grandpa-- weird..


From: Ishmael112Jan-5 11:44 AM 
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Almost all people being hospitalized are unvaccinated.  Those who are vaccinated and hospitalized are all older people who also have comorbidities.  This is an important point to take away from YLE.  It has also been reported in other places.  It emphasizes the importance of vaccination.  

Meanwhile in France, where over 90% of age 12 and over population are vaccinated, President Emanuel Macron is reported to say he is "pissed off" at those who are not vaccinated.  He used a French word for which the translation was reported.  And it has been widely reported; Macron is criticized for using unpresidential language but his popularity has not suffered.  

A related problem is that with so many unvaccinated people hospitalized beds have become scarce for people with other diseases who need hospital treatment.  


From: YoungGandalf DelphiPlus Member IconJan-5 12:05 PM 
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Well, of course. The unvaccinated are who is prolonging the shutdowns, flight cancellations, and hospital bottlenecks. They should be held accountable.


From: YoungGandalf DelphiPlus Member IconJan-5 4:46 PM 
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An overview site of hospital ICU occupancy by state:

I am not sure whether the data take understaffing into account. Thus, there may be more beds listed than can be taken care of.


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From: Ishmael112Jan-5 6:41 PM 
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I agree that the unvaccinated make the problem of Covid a lot worse for the rest of us.  Especially for people with other serious medical conditions whose hospital care is delayed.  


From: Ishmael112Jan-5 6:42 PM 
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A hospital bed which cannot be staffed is no hospital bed at all.  


From: OldAl88Jan-7 11:51 PM 
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The news this am, reported staff shortage (due staff infection or isolation) will likely mean staff with Covid will have to be used to staff Covid wards. The numbers have really exploded. NSW (I think) reported 45,000 positive for yesterday, Victoria 51,000 (includes RAT now being reported) 21,000 the previous day, Qld 11,000! Qld previously had daily numbers in the tens only.

ICU/hospitalisations rage from 5% to 15%. That will surely rise as time passes. Two men aged 30 died yesterday on Qld, (one at home unexpectedly).

Someone needs to explain how it can all be, when NSW & Vic have close to 95% fully vaxed, Qld just under 90%  (figures approx due to not watching news regularly). This is clearly a relentless enemy attacking a population that puts commerce & capital ahead of health.


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