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From: srraglandDec-13 7:13 PM 
To: NutGallery  (5 of 119) 
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Long time no see.  Much has happened in my life, some good, some bad.  I hope you and yours are well.

So much has happened in this country and the world too!

I don't have much to say right now but I just wanted to say something since YG was so welcoming when I PM'd him.

I go where the spirit moves and I felt the spirit moving me to drop by and say hi to some old friends.

I have not posted on Delphi or even read any posts in what seems like forever, so I forgot how to negotiate the format since it is so different from the other forum I normally post on. ;-)

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From: VERNADEEDec-13 9:43 PM 
To: srragland  (6 of 119) 
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Really good to see you hear.  This is where I hang out mostly..but it has been a loong day and DCell wants his nap.. so I will say goodnight and see you around soon I hope.  



From: srraglandDec-13 10:31 PM 
To: VERNADEE  (7 of 119) 
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I sure wish that Delphi Forums had ratings so I could give you a Friendly or a Like.

I lieu of that I will just say thanks and hopefully I will see you around soon.  smile



From: RebeccahQPDec-13 10:31 PM 
To: srragland  (8 of 119) 
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Welcome back, Susan.





From: srraglandDec-13 10:50 PM 
To: RebeccahQP  (9 of 119) 
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Thanks Rebeccah.


From: NutGalleryDec-14 6:03 AM 
To: srragland  (10 of 119) 
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Good morning beautiful! It's so good to hear from you. I'm happy you and Lewis seem well. I agree with you, too much going on. The world feels unsafe right now.  I needed to unplug from politics for awhile. All we can do is pray and vote it seems. It feels like a war between God and Satan is happening. Anyway, enough of that. I hope to see you posting again! 


From: srraglandDec-14 12:03 PM 
To: NutGallery  (11 of 119) 
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Good to hear from you!

I am physically well but I am concerned about Lewis' health.  We will know more after he talks to the urologist again.

I do not concern myself much with politics as I view it as the old world order coming down so that a new world order can be built up.  I have always had too much going on in my own life to worry about and I cannot do anything about politics except to vote.

I will be around as I have time.  I have been trying to cut down on time spent on forums and one way I am doing that is to bypass what I am no longer interested in reading about or talking about.  I have certain people I post to regularly on my other forum since we have a relationship and they just happen to be atheists.  I am tired of talking to religious people about religion and reading posts about it and I have no desire to debate about it.  People are free to believe whatever they want to believe and they will.  So that is where I am at.


From: NutGalleryDec-14 6:35 PM 
To: srragland  (12 of 119) 
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Please update us after Lewis's urologist appointment, Susan. Sending positive thoughts and energy your way. I'm happy to hear you accept others beliefs and religions and do not debate them. It's wasteful of energy, in my opinion, of our short life here on earth.  I guess you can say that about politics also but in my opinion, what we are facing today is more dangerous than debating religion on forums. Your beliefs and others not of the Christian faith is in danger and can be outlawed just as a women's right to her body will be. It's frightening times we are living in. 


From: srraglandDec-14 9:01 PM 
To: NutGallery  (13 of 119) 
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Lewis had a phone appointment with the urologist today.  He was already getting better since he started on antibiotics on December 4, and he told me that his symptoms suddenly got better today.  He had been passing blood and clotted blood and had painful urination but the urologist thinks it was from a urinary tract infection.  I was worried about his high PSA because of prostate cancer but the urologist does not think that is an issue.  Rather, he attributed the elevation to the urinary tract infection.  So all this has come as a big relief to me, and to Lewis.  I just hope the symptoms do not return because this is not his first round pf antibiotics for his urinary issues. 

What is actually happening in the world today is definitely more dangerous than anything that happens on these forums.  For me, the forums are just a way to socialize and learn new things.  There are so many serious problems the world faces, not only politics, but the pandemic, mass shootings, racism and all the weather-related disasters!  I am not worried because I believe the world is headed in a positive direction but it still bothers me that so many people are suffering in the meantime. frown But human and animal suffering has always bothered me and made me wonder how there can be a loving God.


From: YoungGandalf DelphiPlus Member IconDec-14 10:31 PM 
To: srragland  (14 of 119) 
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The key with antibiotics is to take them to the end according to what is prescribed. People stop early when they see things getting better and that is a huge mistake.


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