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From: TurkeyMasterDec-19 6:05 PM 
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Hey, are any of you seeing the same ads on the forum for cold coins?  (on top of posts)  You can now buy a Donald Trump 1/4 ounce gold coin for only $631 dollars.  Do it as an investment.     ....no, wait a minute.  The cost of an one ounce of gold coin is $1875.   4 times $631 is $2,524.  That's $649 profit from each coin.  Not a bad scam.       ...........that's OK.  Let's all pitch and help the poor billionaire!


For all you MEGA hat wearers who can't afford a $631 dollar coin, no problem.  You can also buy gold plated coins for much less right here:   https://www.amazon.com/Snowflake-Kryptonite-Electoral-Inauguration-Medallion/dp/B07BFMBQP9                    Judging by the prices, that gold coating must be VERY thin indeed.  

Some reviews  by buyers:  "Incredible likeness."    "Awesome coin"   "Best president ever"  

They all have Trumps face on the coin so you will have something to kiss before going to bed each night. 

1/4 oz Donald Trump Gold Coin, .9999 Pure


In other good news, in Trump's two political rallies in the last month or so, he could only fill up half the seats.   He used to fill them all up.   Is this a small sign of decreasing popularity, or just the winter and covid?    Knock on wood. 

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From: ACEofALLacesDec-19 6:19 PM 
To: TurkeyMaster  (2 of 27) 
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TurkeyMaster said...

They all have Trumps face on the coin so you will have something to kiss before going to bed each night. 

I can only GUESS what might be on the OTHER side of that coin, for us to "kiss"......


From: JohnDoe947 DelphiPlus Member IconDec-20 10:16 AM 
To: TurkeyMaster unread  (3 of 27) 
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TurkeyMaster said...

That's $649 profit from each coin.  Not a bad scam.

Your math is a bit flaky. If you're going to criticize these, ahem, brilliants you should try to looking a bit more so than them.

The actual gross profit is a lot closer to $163.00/coin than what you've stated. With volume sales that might add up to princely sum after paying every other leech in the sales stream.


I would rather live a hard reality than a happy fantasy.


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From: DotsmanDec-22 10:59 PM 
To: JohnDoe947 DelphiPlus Member Icon  (4 of 27) 
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If anyone makes toilet paper with Trump's picture on the squares, that I would buy. 


From: RebeccahQPDec-23 2:00 AM 
To: Dotsman  (5 of 27) 
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I'm pretty sure somebody gave me a roll of it once.  I used it all up.

It's available on Amazon if you want to buy some.  Black and white, color, different expressions...





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From: JohnDoe947 DelphiPlus Member IconDec-23 9:33 AM 
To: Dotsman  (6 of 27) 
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That's just too much ick for me to deal with.


I would rather live a hard reality than a happy fantasy.


From: DotsmanDec-23 6:57 PM 
To: RebeccahQP  (7 of 27) 
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Donald Trump Toilet Paper Roll - Funny Novelty Gag for Democrats and Republicans - 3 Ply Toilet Tissue 200 Full-Color Imag...

That's what Trump should have tossed to the people in Puerto Rico instead of paper towels.


From: BobSciDec-23 8:59 PM 
To: Dotsman  (8 of 27) 
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I want his picture on a golf ball.  I am sure it would increase my distance.  Also would hit it squarely more often.



From: DotsmanDec-23 10:45 PM 
To: BobSci  (9 of 27) 
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I want a picture of him being led away in handcuffs after being found guilty for one of his crimes. 


From: Elderwulf(Terry) (KNAPPER44)Dec-24 1:07 AM 
To: Dotsman  (10 of 27) 
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Now you're talking..


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