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From: Ishmael112Dec-22 12:02 PM 
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Shields of Strength, a company that sells religiously themed medals it calls "dog tags," has lost a valuable customer:  The Pentagon.  And the company is suing to have the Pentagon change its decision.  

From what I can learn back in the 1990's the company was selling these medals.  They became popular with Military personnel and so the Pentagon began to order them and they also became very profitable.  However, Miltary policy prohibits associating Military insignia with sectarian religious belief.  Now the Military itself will no longer purchase them and that decision is devastating for this one particular company.  That is the reason for the lawsuit.  

Where, I wonder, will this all end.  While the Military may well prevail in the lawsuit Service members are still free to wear religious medals of their choosing.  And of course it is not necessary to be in the military service to wear a medal; more civilians may also start wearing them.  

Beaumont business sues Department of Defense | 12newsnow.com

Here is another article which explains the position of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation.

Religious dog tag-maker sues Defense Department to reinstate license | News | gazette.com

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From: VERNADEEDec-22 12:18 PM 
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These seem to be Very popular in the south.  I see them in mini kiosks in WalMart.  They are often gifts to cherish.  



From: NETIZEN_JDec-22 12:44 PM 
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The DOD has every right to restrict the use of its copyrighted images from exploitation by third party profiteers.



From: Elderwulf(Terry) (KNAPPER44)Dec-22 1:16 PM 
To: VERNADEE  (4 of 107) 
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I trashed my real dog tags as well as my uniform the day I was discharged from the army.. It's the only job I ever had where I could go to prison for quitting..


From: VERNADEEDec-22 1:32 PM 
To: Elderwulf(Terry) (KNAPPER44)  (5 of 107) 
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re>>trashed your dog tags and uniform>>]

I have friends who cherish and love their old army boots.  "most comfortable footwear I ever had."  Who knew?



From: JohnDoe947 DelphiPlus Member IconDec-22 1:32 PM 
To: Ishmael112  (6 of 107) 
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Why should a govt agency promote any religion? Especially since it is only promoting one?

I saw nothing at either of you posts to suggest these things were made for all religions or for those who profess no religion.

The military is right to ban this crap using their insignia.


I would rather live a hard reality than a happy fantasy.


From: Elderwulf(Terry) (KNAPPER44)Dec-22 2:32 PM 
To: VERNADEE  (7 of 107) 
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They took our boots when we left.. I can't imagine what they did with them.. We were allowed to keep one "class A" uniform and a pair of "low quarters" (oxfords in the real world) I did manage to steal a field jacket which was the only really useful article of clothing IMO.. A few years later, I left it in my friend's garage in Denver like a dummy..


From: RebeccahQPDec-22 5:35 PM 
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Can't they just take the military logos off of them?





From: Ishmael112Dec-23 11:55 AM 
To: VERNADEE  (9 of 107) 
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I've seen plenty of religious dog tags on the internet.  I don't recall seeing any in any shop or booth or other place for sale here in the northeast but perhaps some may be found.  

Jewelry with religious symbolism is common, though.  And the dog tag shape seems well adapted to carrying a spiritual message.  


From: Ishmael112Dec-23 12:17 PM 
To: NETIZEN_J  (10 of 107) 
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NETIZEN_J said...

The DOD has every right to restrict the use of its copyrighted images from exploitation by third party profiteers.

I agree with your statement.  

I am unsure of the issue.  It is clear that the company, Shields of Strength, cannot use military images which the military has trade marked.  However, they can produce "religious dog tags" with images which are not trade marked and which can also bear Bible verses or other spiritual messages.   

However, other companies make "religious dog tags."  They are easily available. I assume they do not bear images trade marked by the military. 

Here is one such image with a Bible verse.  The image is of the American Flag.  I assume the image is not trade marked. 

shields of strength religious dog tags - Bing images 



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