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From: DotsmanDec-23 7:40 PM 
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If you are a Christian, how about the next time you meet up with your pastor or priest, you ask him the question below?  I would be interested to know how evasive he got while ducking giving an actual answer. 

Suppose the day of judgment arrives, and you're one of the lucky ones who Jesus saves from his sentence to burn in hell.  You are watching as the angels grab the condemned, helpless to resist, and cast them into the pit.  You hear the screams.  You recognize some of them as people you knew and loved in this life.  What if Jesus were to come up and ask you if you would volunteer to help cast those who were condemned to burn into the fiery pit in order to move things along a bit faster?  Were this to happen, would you do as Jesus asks and volunteer to help out?  Or would you tell Jesus no way would you do something like that?

The first dodge that you can expect will probably be him saying that the question doesn't deserve an answer because Jesus would never ask him to do something like that.  When he tries this dodge, inform him that the question isn't about what Jesus would or wouldn't do.  The question is about what he would or wouldn't do in a given situation, and you have given him the situation.  It's about him, not Jesus.   

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From: Peter (LINDISFARNE)Dec-23 11:10 PM 
To: Dotsman  (2 of 1661) 
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I don't know what to believe due to a family bereavement but it's a silly question that you always ask.     What does the Bible actually say?  “Then they will go away to eternal punishment, but the righteous to eternal life.” Matt 25:46 That does not imply Dante's inferno.  It seems to imply the "damned" will simply be dead.  Others say that people who are selfish in this life will be miserable in the presence of God and that is their Hell.  The Jesus of Christianity doesn't want anyone to be in Hell and doesn't need help.  People put themselves in Hell.  A literal fire is a western medieval myth.

You haven't progressed much in the past 12 years have you?  You asked the same stupid question back in 2009 and were incapable of discussing the subject intelligently.




From: DotsmanDec-24 9:25 AM 
To: Peter (LINDISFARNE)  (3 of 1661) 
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Nice try at a dodge.  But what the Bible says or whether or not what it says is true, is irrelevant to the question.  The question asks hypothetically what a person would do in a given situation.  And I gave the situation.  Just because a question is hypothetical, that's not a legitimate reason to dodge it or give an evasive response.  And there's nothing stupid about the question because it explores any effect Christianity might have had on a person's moral principles.  Has it enhanced them or corrupted them?  Has it made them willing to excuse and seek justification for any behavior on the part of their god, no matter how cruel or atrocious? 

How do you think a preacher would respond?  By giving an honest yes or no answer, or by responding with a weaseling, evasive dodge?  I think you know what the response would most likely be.   


From: Peter (LINDISFARNE)Dec-24 9:32 AM 
To: Dotsman  (4 of 1661) 
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The title of your thread is "A good question to ask a preacher".  Therefore it has to be relevant to Christian belief.  If I asked if your neighbor would help you murder your wife, that is a hypothetical question.  It does not mean that it would be a good question to ask you regarding your intentions.  Parroting irrelevant terms like "dodge" does not change that.  As I said, in another thread, you just have canned to replies to arguments you would have liked me to have made and trot them out pretending that I made them.  You prove my point that you can;t discuss the subject intelligently.  I regret the time I've wasted with you already.  Have fun with your echo chamber!



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From: YoungGandalf DelphiPlus Member IconDec-24 9:44 AM 
To: Peter (LINDISFARNE)  (5 of 1661) 
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After three posts in the forum you have hardly had time to take in anything or had opportunity to come to conclusions. Please consult our forum rules if you want to post here.


From: DotsmanDec-24 10:01 AM 
To: Peter (LINDISFARNE)  (6 of 1661) 
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The question is relevant to Christian belief.  It is the belief of many Christians that burning in hell awaits those who don't believe in Jesus.  Do you approve of Jesus sentencing most of humanity to burn in hell?  Would you help out in the burning of people in hell?  Such questions call into question what Christianity has or hasn't done to a Christian's moral character.  What kind of Christian would help in the torture of those in hell?  Such a person would be a cruel monster.  But, what about Jesus sentencing people to burn in hell?  That totally okay -- just so long as it doesn't happen to you?  What about the principle of the punishment fitting the crime?  Would you have the courage to stand up to Jesus and call what he was doing atrocious -- nothing more than cruelty for the sake of being cruel?


From: JohnDoe947 DelphiPlus Member IconDec-24 11:46 AM 
To: Peter (LINDISFARNE)  (7 of 1661) 
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Any god that wants to save me from the torture it invented can kiss my ass.


I would rather live a hard reality than a happy fantasy.


From: Peter (LINDISFARNE)Dec-24 12:38 PM 
To: YoungGandalf DelphiPlus Member Icon  (8 of 1661) 
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I'll spare you delicate eyes.  This forum is a complete waste of time.  I'm gone.



From: YoungGandalf DelphiPlus Member IconDec-24 12:39 PM 
To: Peter (LINDISFARNE)  (9 of 1661) 
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Losers exit is rightthere.


From: Peter (LINDISFARNE)Dec-24 1:15 PM 
To: YoungGandalf DelphiPlus Member Icon  (10 of 1661) 
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YoungGandalf said...


Losers exit is rightthere.


There.  Fixed that for you.



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