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From: YoungGandalf DelphiPlus Member IconJan-4 9:18 AM 
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Since nothing of consequence has been done, the end of the US, whether altogether or by splitting up, seems now the most likely scenario in the 21 st century. Here is an assessment how the unconcerned have caused this:

How can we hold them accountable? At the same time, this affects the biggest topic of our times, the (mainly) US caused climate change. A deteriorating US will continue to do the most damage but is hogtied and can’t turn around. It recently failed with the, by comparison, easy problem of the covid pandemic. Certainly the much harder climate change is a problem a disheveled, impotent US stands helpless before.

“At this supreme moment of crisis, the left has divided into warring factions completely incapable of confronting the seriousness of the moment. There are liberals who retain an unjustifiable faith that their institutions can save them when it is utterly clear that they cannot.”

This is what I hear Ish and Turkey say. It IS the problem, the reason that society is falling apart. How does one wake these people up from their blissful hibernation?

The right has recognized what the left has not: that the system is in collapse. The right has a plan: it involves violence and solidarity. They have not abjured even the Oath Keepers. The left, meanwhile, has chosen infighting as their sport.”

It can’t happen here? It has already happened. You just chose to sleep through it.

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From: Ishmael112Jan-4 8:31 PM 
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It is with deep humility and appreciation that I accept Gandalf's nomination to share the operation of the USA with Turkey Master.  While I have not yet had time to consult with him I have formulated a few policies to benefit all of the people in this lovely land.  

1.  A special tax will be imposed on all members of the faculty and staff at institutions of higher education to enable them to have greater participation in this important activity.  In recognition that some faculty members are better educators than others the tax will be reduced in direct proportion to the number of high grades given.  

2.  Streetcar lines will be built on all double line highways in the right most lanes of those highways.  There will be no fares but costs will be paid by a motor fuels tax including a tax on electricity when used as a motor fuel.  

3.  We now have a free system of vaccine clinics which is the legacy of our great President, Donald Trump.  Those clinics will be expanded to include all possible injections.  They will be re-named Trump Clinics and a life sized bronze statue of The Donald (not to be confused with Donald Duck) will be installed in front of each one.  

4.  The Non Theist Opportunity Act will enable non theists to participate in the benefits of religion.  This is a major step in fairness to non theists.  A special tax will be levied on them to be used by Religious Organizations for Religious Activities.  This will enable Religious Organizations to pray for them and assure to them the benefit of petitions for their eternal life.  In recognition of the principle of Separation of Church and State the program will be administered by a consortium of Religious Groups in each state which will determine the amount of the tax and the use of the funds.  To protect the Constitutional Rights of Non Theists no government oversight shall ever be allowed in this program.  

These are only a few first steps in the effort to bring the benefits of the US of A to all or our people.  


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From: JohnDoe947 DelphiPlus Member IconJan-6 10:07 AM 
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Congratulations! Those proposals are no more, or less, stupid than the common garbage we get from or current legislators. Same old, same old.


I would rather live a hard reality than a happy fantasy.


From: VERNADEEJan-11 4:01 PM 
To: JohnDoe947 DelphiPlus Member Icon  (4 of 7) 
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Re<<Ish and Turkey Master>>

Turkey Master is seriously laid up and I don't remember Ish claiming 'divine knowledge' on the future.  I think that was Aunt Agatha's department.  I doubt they have had time to set up a Zoom meeting let alone have in-depth strategy discussions and it may be a good while to arrange IF TM gets into PT -those are exhausting and give little extra room for saving the nation or what ever.  So they will Need the Services of the 'back up' crew here on BUE- We will help.  Except I am sick and going back to bed..



From: Ishmael112Jan-11 10:32 PM 
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I hope you are resting in bed, Anna.  Rest is a great restorative when you are sick.  

Still, your post brings Aunt Agatha to my mind.  She put me in a room over the garage as she did not want her relationship with Jack, the friendly insurance salesman, interrupted.  Fortunately, her husband Uncle William was unable to climb stairs because of his old war injury.  There was a separate entrance for his first-floor room and he had a ramp installed to get in and out.  

As for Aunt Agatha, I don't know that "divine" is the right word to describe her.  She found only one clergyman who would even speak to her because she was a spiritualist.  That tolerant man had his own baggage, a sex scandal with a male organist that drove him out of his denomination.  

Aunt Agatha and I didn't always see eye to eye.  But I don't want to go into the salacious details.  


From: JohnDoe947 DelphiPlus Member IconJan-12 10:11 AM 
To: VERNADEE  (6 of 7) 
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VERNADEE said...

Except I am sick and going back to bed.

Take care of yourself.


I would rather live a hard reality than a happy fantasy.


From: DARWINIAJan-13 10:56 PM 
To: VERNADEE  (7 of 7) 
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I am very sorry to read that you are ill and retiring to your bed in the morning!     I do hope sincerely that you have recovered your health both physically and mentally and will be in full fighting mode for the next ... 12 years?


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