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From: Ishmael112Jan-24 10:46 PM 
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I just ran across an organization called Sedition Hunters.  It is made up of open source investigators which is to say ordinary people who search the internet for pictures of people who were at the January 6 riot at the U. S. Capitol.  As they find people or gather more information on people who have been found they turn over their tips to the FBI.  They have succeeded in finding a number of people and revealing their identities to to Government.   

This is all very new to me.  If anyone here has more information on Sedition Hunters or is a member of the organization please share your information.

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From: YoungGandalf DelphiPlus Member IconJan-24 11:02 PM 
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I have never heard of it. There is some solace in some Americans standing up for America. The trouble is that these kind of things are not easy to keep bounded this side of the law. Not that I would find it unbearably terrible, up to a point, in this special case, but it can easily go way beyond what anyone can stand for.


From: Ishmael112Jan-25 10:40 AM 
To: YoungGandalf DelphiPlus Member Icon  (3 of 31) 
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My first reaction to learning of the Sedition Hunters was that when the plans were made to go to Washington and riot no one on either side of the issue considered that a large number of people would react to that by sitting down at their computers and going through a lot of videos frame by frame by frame to identify the rioters and then become tipsters giving that information to the FBI.  Yet that is what has happened.  

Almost as a corollary each rioter comes from a particular place.  A fair number of them seem to be well known in their own places; some own businesses, some are outspoken critics of government and some are both.  And so they are known to Sedition Hunters who live in those same places.  All over America their neighbors who have local knowledge are turning them in.   No Federal agency can possess that kind of local knowledge.  So a lot of rioters can run but they cannot hide.  

YoungGandalf said...

The trouble is that these kind of things are not easy to keep bounded this side of the law.

I don't understand your concern here.  Each of those who are accused in the riot has a lawyer (unless a lawyer is declined).  Each case is in court.  Do you fear false identification?  The identification can be challenged by the defendant's lawyer.  What else is there to fear?


From: VERNADEEJan-26 9:21 PM 
To: Ishmael112  (4 of 31) 
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Re>>>Sedition Hunters>>>

Seems to me to be a reaction on the part of  nice law abiding US citizens to protect their Capitol, their government.   People were Horrified and ashamed by the attack even if some people in DC seemed to have gotten off on it.  Granted the idea is extreme but damn it so was the actions that predicated it's forming.  I am not seeing witch hunts  here.   

More than a few rioters seemed to relish the publicity they got-they are whining about the consequences of that now, but at the time many seemed quite proud of themselves.

Remember, a goodly part of the younger generations have been raised with TV shows that offered 'tip' lines to catch bad guys. So the concept wasn't new.  'Dinna Fash' as the Scots say.. 





From: Ishmael112Jan-26 9:45 PM 
To: VERNADEE  (5 of 31) 
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I think you're right that the idea of the Sedition Hunters is old.  However, I have never seen it practiced as it is being practiced now.  I think that being turned in by a neighbor down the block as to come as a shock.  With thousands of rioters the FBI now is getting information on a layer of them it could not get for itself.  


From: VERNADEEJan-26 10:02 PM 
To: Ishmael112  (6 of 31) 
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Re<<being turned in by a neighbor down the block>>

Think of it this way. If you happened to turn on the TV and saw a neighbor participating in an Armed Robbery or doing a drive by and the police were unsure of the perpetrator would you just turned the tube off and say, 'Oh well, the police will find him eventually.'  We have such fragmented ideas about what community is today.   It seems people really want life to be "every person for themselves."  I have been told I have socialist ideas, LOL!



From: Ishmael112Jan-27 10:31 AM 
To: VERNADEE  (7 of 31) 
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I appreciate what you say, Anna.  But I doubt any of the rioters expected to have their actions considered seriously.  At most they expected to be arrested and then released.  Now over 700 have been arrested and many are facing time in prison.   And their hero, Donald Trump, has abandoned them.  


From: VERNADEEJan-27 12:11 PM 
To: Ishmael112  (8 of 31) 
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Re>>their hero ...>>

I think  you are right Ish, people expected 'catch and release.'  This crew was raised on Reality TV.  "OH I went to jail for Trump's America!  what a point on my resume."

Back in the day...many, many years ago when I took part in protests we knew damn well jail could very well be part of the experience. Most of us were pretty low key, we did not go in swinging.  Very very few of us wanted destruction and violence.  We wanted to be heard, to be seen to let people know what we were supporting. 

 I do believe some _were_ disappointed that Trump did not walk to the Capitol with them.  But Trump takes no responsibility for others actions.  He really does not care what happens to people after he incites mayhem.  Trump loves chaos!  He is disruption.  Then when the dust settles it is "hang 'em high."  I have overheard a few Trump supporters saying they  understood that going in, and they admire him for his stance.  Of course they were not at the Capitol and they go home and eat dinner every night.  But they talk big..



From: Ishmael112Jan-27 1:15 PM 
To: VERNADEE  (9 of 31) 
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What surprises me is that Donald Trump still has so many loyal supporters when he abandoned his loyal supporters on January 6.   


From: NETIZEN_JJan-27 1:31 PM 
To: Ishmael112  (10 of 31) 
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>What else is there to fear?<

The fear is that the reaction to a 'find' might not always be to hand data over to the FBI, but that 'direct action' would be necessary if the Justice Department has been corrupted.

This has shades of BigBrother telling folks to turn in their neighbors for ThoughtCrimes.

I don't think that's the case in this particular instance, but that's the fear here.  'Slippery slope' is officially a fallacious argument, but in reality, it happens - a lot.  

E.G. 'Well, the Motto is In God We Trust', so of course it should be legal for the Town Clerk to refuse to grant a marriage license to a same-gender couple since that's against God's Word...'.



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