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Welcome to Gypsy Horse World


For those that may not have seen our original start up posts when we began please read this in its entirety to get a better understanding of our goals. I started the Gypsy Horse World forum/message board as an alternative to Facebook for our Gypsy horse community after seeing so many friends being thrown into Facebook jail for advertising their horses. With free ads and unlimited photos in our message board style forum it is a safe place to advertise and safely investigate potential homes for your horses. I want everyone to help us build a library of knowledge, ask questions, post your ads with prices and no fear of Facebook jail time!! I also post daily to our Facebook page either sharing a horse for sale that's been listed on the forum, or a stallion at stud or spotlighting various member's farms and breeding programs. Our Facebook shares garner thousands of views on top of the views your ads get on the forum. The more it is used the faster it will grow. Facebook is quickly shutting animal owners out with the addition of PETA as shareholders. We need to move health care information, horse and stallion advertisements, history and all things breed related over to the forum as we can so that it will always be there for us as a reference. I modeled it after a 21 year old forum on the same platform called the Pleasure Horse Journal, it has almost 2 million messages on it in those 21 years, it is one of the main hubs of that industry for communication and is still used on a daily basis for advertising, show information, training discussions, etc. So please do check us out and become a member, and use it! Post your questions, your successes, your advertisements, etc. We look forward to seeing you there and building it into a great resource for our breed.

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