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Welcome to Gypsy Horse World   General Discussions

Started 8/19/19 by GypsyFeverFarmsBarbie (leoetta); 5554 views.

Hello Gypsy Friends!!! Welcome to Gypsy Horse World Forum.

Unlike endless updates on Facebook and tweets on Twitter, this forum will serve as a place to have substantive conversations. It's sort of like the old days hanging out by a fire. So, gather 'round and get comfortable.

Here are a few things you'll need to know:

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The best way into this Forum is at the following URL. You may want to bookmark it.

There are thousands of other Forums like this on Delphi. You can use the personalized "My Forums" feature in the header to keep track of new messages in this forum and any others you may enjoy.

Enough of the preliminary pleasantries. Let's jump in!

Have Fun!

Barbie aka GypsyFeverFarms



From: AlmostAnArk


Hooray!  Mucho thanks.  Hope this will take off.     Guess I can be Laurie here instead of Helen Kratt.  ;)

In reply toRe: msg 1

From: LJSGypsies


Looking forward to this! Here is my pretty girl JHF Fancy That Gold! 


From: ARsMichele


Old School!

Love this idea, thanks for doing this, Barbie!!

Right! Old school is the new school!! No more FB jail for anyone!! 

Thanks for starting this!  Hope it takes off!!!  Great idea!!


From: IrishFrmGrl


Heres hoping this forum takes off. We need a friendly, informative place to share horses and thoughts. 

Thanks for the invite !! I AM Old  School LOL so this is perfect for me ! so excited to watch this grow !!!


From: LJSGypsies


See, I thought your name was Helen!?! Is it actually Laurie?