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DIY Barn Ideas & Projects   General Discussions

Started Sep-16 by GypsyFeverFarmsBarbie (leoetta); 323 views.

Not to bad for just eyeballing it!

DIY saddle pad/blanket holder. 48" wide x 3/4" thick dowels with about 12" between the rods. It'll hang inside the tackroom when done, up higher off the ground obviously, this is just where I hung it as I built it.

You could also use thinner dowels, not as wide or even wider as a DIY Ribbon rack! If you kept it about 24" wide you could make them to take to shows to hang on the stall fronts or tack fronts too. 

Post your DIY barn ideas here in this thread too or create a new one! Always love to gather new ideas! 

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Picked up this little... well big, gem last week for the tack room to store some of the show tack, I think the hand-painted style fits in well with our Gypsy horses don't you? <3 Not bad for $40 I will post more pics when it's totally finished but for now I've added some good luck from Ingrid Smith Art and some Hobby Lobby hooks for hanging bridles!