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Year End Award Ideas   Training Discussions & Show Tips-Ideas

Started 9/16/19 by GypsyFeverFarmsBarbie (leoetta); 330 views.

What are everyone's favorite items to win as year-end awards, ie; buckles, plaques, custom horse related items like sheets, halters, engraved brushes, trophies? 

Items you feel would work well as a combined trophy for winning more than one year end event?  Looking forward to everyone's thoughts as I'm on the hunt to help out a club I'm involved in. Thanks!


From: lachlansmama


Personally? I have ALWAYS dreamed about winning a belt buckle. I would think that or the blanket/halter would be fun too! Although sizes would be hard to determine. 

Yes I agree. In this club they do buckles but if people have already won buckles then they try to do other things to bring variety they said. Usually shows will do coolers since they're more of a one size fits all. Keep the ideas coming!!


From: cabaretrose


I like trophies, personalized halters, sheets only if they’re in a size that I will use (ie don’t give me a 75” sheet. It will be too big for my horses), and jackets or vests. I really dislike belt buckles for some reason. I don’t use coolers.