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Started 10/4/19 by CharleenGGV; 257 views.

From: CharleenGGV


Hi everyone! I realized I never officially introduced myself on here. My name is Charleen Lamphere, I have loved this breed since I was a child and passed up many more affordable horses so that I could save up my money, and make my dream of owning a gypsy vanner a reality. 

I have always been passionate about horses, and recently graduated from CSU with a degree in Equine Science, focussing in breeding. Now I've hit the ground running, starting up my breeding program (Gentle Gypsies), and have purchased 3 wonderful horses to start my gypsy vanner herd and we're expecting 2 foals in spring! ?

WHF Acorn was my first horse ever, but while I had never owned my own horse I have been riding since I was a toddler, lived on and helped run a 20+ horse ranch, and ran my own boarding business for several years. All the same, it was wonderful to have a horse to actually call my own. And she is everything I dreamed of having and more. The more gypsies I gather the more in love with the breed I become.

I love seeing everyone sharing their horses and stories and please comment a little about yourselves so I can start putting people to the horses I see.

Pictured are my 2 mares and my stallion.

Thank you for joining us over here!!! You are family! Love the herd you are building and cannot wait to see your babies next year!