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2020 Expected Foals Sugar Hill Acres   Mares in Foal & In-Utero Foals for Sale

Started 11/21/19 by sugarhillac; 167 views.

From: sugarhillac


We are expecting two foals in early May. Pricing starts at $9,500. We will reserve the foal for you with a deposit and then you would start making payments once the foal is 24 hours old. We are a small family farm that offers exceptional foals (our 2018 colt was Gypsy National Championships Grand Champion Stallion!) that are well handled and pre-loved! 

We are dedicated to the preservation of the traditional breed type and characteristics that were created over many generations while embracing the future of this versatile breed in the United States. Our emphasis is on health, type, conformation, movement and disposition. We strive for powerful, sturdy Gypsy Vanners with proper conformation, traditional style, abundant, luxurious hair and feather with outstanding, intelligent, calm, kind dispositions. All of our horses are trained to ride and some drive as well, when they are at the appropriate age. Our Gypsy Vanners are competitive at both local and breed shows. 

We are located in Hebron, NY.

Fortune x Teagan

Offspring Color Probability

50.00% -Black
50.00% -Silver Black (black silver dapple)

Fortune x Sweetie

Offspring Color Probability

18.75% -
Smoky Black
18.75% -
Silver Black (black silver dapple)
18.75% -
18.75% -
Silver Smoky Black
12.50% -
12.50% -

Red (Chestnut/Sorrel)