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Showing a Gypsy   General Discussions

Started Feb-26 by MartijoL; 76 views.

From: MartijoL


Hello!  Is this board still active?   I have a question on showing, like for halter.. do you clip the whiskers off like they would do for a quarter horse. What type of halter do you show them in, I would love to find video of a halter class but cannot find any that give step by step instructions on getting one ready body conditionings I mean. Clipping, etc.  




From: AlmostAnArk


Doesn't look like you got a reply to your inquiry.

Halter... clipping the face is totally owner choice.  Some clip, some don't.  Personally Iove to see a clean face so I clip

Halters, western show halters are appropriate if you are wearing western attire, if you are in english attire, then leather english tack is appropriate.   I have one horse that my silver show bridle doesn't fit so he got shown in just a nice black padded leather halter.  As long as it's clean and not cheap looking it's appropriate. 

Conditioning, CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN.  They should be in good body condition.  If it's a Gypsy show you will find that it's more relaxed than a all breed show as far as tack and handler attire.  As for the horse, you make them look as pretty as you can.  I never body clip.  They are hairy beasties and that's how I leave them.  Have lots of first place placings so there must be judges who agree with me.

Good luck in your shows. 

Hi Martijol,

Here is a post here on the message board if you click this link with a great video on show halters, also if you go the the videos on their Facebook page they have ones about clipping etc. I personally love a clean face so I clip for breed and open shows and I show in a Western style silver show halter in western attire. 

Best of luck!!