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The Itchy Leg post :/   Grooming & Hair Care Mane Tail Feather

Started 8/22/19 by AKHGypsies; 542 views.

From: AKHGypsies


I know we've all been there... as much as we do to try and keep our horses clean and healthy at some point we end up with itchy legs.  I'm struggling at the moment with the itches on my foals that are only about 2 months old :(  I don't typically see problems at that age but it's been SO WET here this summer that everyone seems to be worse than usual. 

What are folks using to help keep legs happy and healthy when it's wet and muddy out?  We do oil and sulfur (the adults) when it's wet out but that doesn't seem to be stopping the itching this year so looking to try something more and help them out.


From: gypsylv


I do not know how safe it would be for young horses but I occasionally use(mainly for mites) the ivermection pour on mixed with either oil or MTG.  50/ may be able to dilute less for the younger ones. I just make sure they get no oral worming meds for a week prior and after i use it.  I found it works well with mine after a few applications. I just apply it (not in spray form) to a glove and rub it from about the knee down getting into the skin. I also use it at the tail top for butt scratching. Good luck


From: ncgsuebaltz


You need to treat for mites, all the washing does nothing to get rid of them. I use a cattle wormer called dectomax, you can get injectable or pour on I have used both find the pour on works best. Need to repeat after couple weeks to break cycle of mites. It will stop itching completely!! Good luck!!


From: cabaretrose


I use pour on ivermectin. I won’t use it on babies but use it on everything 10 months and older. It works very well to stop itching. I don’t dilute it at all. I apply directly to the legs. Using mineral oil on a regular basis does help keep the legs clean and healthy, but doesn’t kill mites.

Yes I agree with Kari, the pour on ivermectin is the only thing I've found to work also. 3cc per leg, straight, not diluted. If I know they're itching down low around the pasterns I'll put it in that area. If they are itching up higher (usually they'll itch on the feed tubs) then I'll place it up higher in that area. Here is a link to the product I use. Oh, another tip, I did have a problem with the normal syringes giving out after one or two legs, so I use AI syringes, they don't have the rubber stopper in them.


From: MGMGypsies


I use the MTG oil, but I cut it with mineral oil.. I also got an antifungal spray at Coastal that I love and Lily is not half as itchy in the legs as she used to be.. She seems to be my problem child.. the others do great with just the oils

Here is the thread with the info on how to use the Ivermectin Pour On for itchy legs.