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Properly Fitting a Show Halter   Training Discussions & Show Tips-Ideas

Started 8/26/19 by GypsyFeverFarmsBarbie (leoetta); 610 views.

This is a great video on how to properly fit and also choose the right show halter for your horse. Hope you all enjoy it and it helps you if you need it!

I happen to have a mare that has quite a large head (and body LOL) and I've had more than one judge tell me that I absolutely chose the perfect halter for her and that so many others either don't fit their halters properly or choose the right halter and that for them it actually takes away from the horse whereas Gigi's adds to her in a positive way.

Video Courtesy of Shenandoah Gypsy Vanners in Florida.

My show mare Gigi and her halter that gets complimented all the time from judges on how well it suits her. 



From: AlmostAnArk


I can't see the video, or the link to it.  Laurie


From: ARsMichele


Thanks for posting this! Learned something here. Now as long as I dont forget it, lolol...

Do you see the photo of Gigi in the original post? The video is just above it, it's a public video so should be visible. Maybe try from your computer and not the phone? Let me know if you still can't see it.


From: AlmostAnArk


Finally was able to see it. It was a glitch with my service provider while I was not at my home location. Thanks for sharing it.

Yay! Glad you got it figured out. It's pretty good info.