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Mallanders Care & Prevention   Vet or Health Questions

Started 8/22/19 by DebbieMcHarg; 717 views.

3cc per leg, straight, not diluted. If I know they're itching down low around the pasterns I'll put it in that area. If they are itching up higher (usually they'll itch on the feed tubs) then I'll place it up higher in that area. Here is a link to the product I use. Oh, another tip, I did have a problem with the normal syringes giving out after one or two legs, so I use AI syringes, they don't have the rubber stopper in them.


From: CharleenGGV


I used Weaver Leather's Livestock Medicated Shampoo. It contains tea tree oil, eucalyptus, and oat extract. It did wonders for my mare. After one bath I saw a dramatic difference. Good price too.