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From: Kathi (kathikerr) DelphiPlus Member IconJan-10 10:24 AM 
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I Love You All,

 The future is now, you are everything you were meant to be until this very moment, all life's trials are challenging us to strive and learn and be better people to the earth and every living creature that roams it. Every experience we have been through in life have made us the unique people we are today, every child that is given extra learning while playing will excel in anything they choose to do.
This applies to adults as well, try using the other hand when doing normal daily chores and I believe doing this awakens neurons in the opposite side of the brain that were not being used. This conscious exercise daily builds and can possibly double your brain power. I think there are many people that could be somewhat depolarized by retraining the brain to excel and connect with the body. The so called bi polar condition could be solved without any medication whatsoever. Wouldn't that be wonderful ? I am not a doctor or nurse, I am interested in positive forces that we have yet to recognize in the human mind body heart and soul. I believe in helping the world because that is why I am working on becoming your guardian angel someday and I must get it right !

My Dad was the president of the Bluegrass Mensa for awhile years ago and he felt the void in the program when it concerned belief in God. These amazingly intelligent individuals are society's cream of the crop when solving logical and very complex problems or they use their gifts in many ways to make our world a better place. I believe in the power of knowledge and the power of boosting that knowledge in a very logical theory. Retrain your past environmental personality into an open book of expression and pleasure. Harness every negative thought or comment and redirect it immediately into the best thought or idea you've ever experienced before. Write it down and improve it every chance you get. Allow for daydreaming it's the subconscious recording information and defragmenting them into thousands of common connections to the subject at hand for assimilating and generating new ideas and connections to replace the former interrupted neurons that retrieve the old data and old scripts from the past that tend to clog the energy of the serotonin's ability to keep in sync with the body. 
I believe children with attention deficit disorders are screaming out for knowledge, they are simply bored into disruptive behaviors because no one understands their thirst for curiosity and satisfaction of learning. All children that are in the free world are accelerating at lightening speed, and we must recognize this opportunity and demand better education for all of them, they are the future , how dare we let them down. America's school system is quite inferior to some other countries, the public school system is a very sad way to raise the brightest children on the planet. Their focus is not on the student but the Federal money given to them for student quantity, it's all about lunch nothing else matters and by the way I wouldn't feed one of them to my dog unless she was starving, it should be a crime, I realize some of them wouldn't have any food at all without the public school lunch and what does that tell you about how this country cares for it's own family. A travesty to humankind, a deplorable crime in this day and age my friends have we ever had a president before ? Where have their minds been ? Where have their hearts been ? It seems on money and war and power over the world concerns them, but how do they sleep at night knowing this country is failing fast. How have they slept in that ugly white elephant for hundreds of years knowing there are children in the night that cannot sleep because they are hungry? The mentally ill people that have nowhere to go because the great government of the United States says there isn't enough money to put them in hospitals and institutions when the Presidential motorcade passes by them do they look the other way and pretend these people aren't human? “Another Day in Paradise” How cold can a persons heart become before it stops beating? Is this the frozen body of just another drifter or is it the government that hides it's shame by creating world wars and hatred in order to detract attention from the human condition on the streets and under the streets of every major city in America “Kudos” You've single 
handedly convinced every American that the homeless person is an alcoholic or drug addict, that will make us mad enough not to care ! 
Presidents all the way back to the first have neglected and manipulated the American people for way too long. A change is coming. When we choose to make it a positive change for everyone in the country then peace and learning and love will be the first priority. Feeding people is the best way to insure future generations will be healthy.

 With Love; Kat 2019

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From: Kathi (kathikerr) DelphiPlus Member IconJan-14 9:15 AM 
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 Retrain your brain, anytime you want. I call it Reinventing life. You're never to old or stubborn to begin anew. Haa that would be a meme for me.

Love to you all


 With Love; Kat 2019

From: Corek1 DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by hostJan-14 10:43 AM 
To: Kathi (kathikerr) DelphiPlus Member Icon unread  (4 of 6) 
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(((Kat))) Thank you so much for posting the DOS in  our "old" forum much appreciated.

We have the same problem in Canada there are just too many "forgotten people" I'm not sure if we have forgotten them or just don't give a dam its a cold, cold world we live in. I don't know if its always been that way (hey I'm not that old) but I hope the next generation is a more kinder, thoughtful one.

Take care luv Coreen


From: AndySipowicz (SWBisBS)Jan-15 1:49 AM 
To: Kathi (kathikerr) DelphiPlus Member Icon unread  (5 of 6) 
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From: Kathy (HepBird1) DelphiPlus Member IconJan-15 8:03 PM 
To: Kathi (kathikerr) DelphiPlus Member Icon unread  (6 of 6) 
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